A Winter Sport Paradise - Elbow, Saskatchewan

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Elbow, Saskatchewan is quite an interesting place. Situated on a major bend, (elbow), of the Saskatchewan River, it is distinctive compared to many other towns and cities in that province. There is an abundance of water there. Many cities are not as fortunate. The province is quite devoid of water, particularly in certain areas. The Saskatchewan River, however, is a major water source. Elbow gets a great resource from the river.

Saskatchewan is a cold province in the winter. Being flat with no mountains and few hills, the winter weather blows bitterly across the land. This causes most all bodies of water to freeze hard. Fishermen venture out on the ice to try to catch trout and other food fish. Because of the cold, it is essential to be protected when ice fishing in Elbow, or indeed any other place with similarly cold temperatures. Ice fishing huts are typically constructed and taken to the fishing spots. These structures allow for fairly good protection from the blowing wind. Many of them have facilities for heating the inside. They have comfortable seating. With such a hut, fishermen can stay out longer, increasing the chance that they will catch a tasty fish.

Elbow, Saskatchewan, being situated on a river, demands that ice fishermen pay attention to the local conditions. The ice may look thick but may, in fact, be weakened by moving water. In times of less than absolutely freezing weather, it may be safer to stay off of the larger bodies of water. Smaller lakes, ponds or rivers are more likely to freeze solid. Ice fishermen need to drill a hole through the thick ice to gain access to the fishing water. Additional test holes should also be drilled. These give the fisherman the ability to gauge the ice thickness across a larger area. If in doubt, stay off the ice. Local authorities may have knowledge about conditions. If they advise that ice fishing is not safe, fishermen should not go onto the ice. Each year, unfortunately, many fishermen need rescuing because they ignore potential threats due to thin ice.

While ice fishing opportunities exist in the area of Elbow each winter, the weather can be quite variable. Temperatures may be cold but they may warm quickly. Ice fishing is only safe if the air temperature is very cold for an extended period of time. The ice must be very thick to support the weight of men and gear. If cracking sounds are heard as fishermen venture onto the ice, the sport may not be safe. In fact, at certain times of the year, it is very dangerous. As the environment warms up in the spring, it would be a good idea to closely monitor ice thickness. Be safe when ice fishing.

Ice fishing opportunities in western Saskatchewan.
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