Ice fishing is my favorite winter pastime. Lots of people who I associate with think I am absolutely crazy because I am passionate about this sport. There is just something about sitting out on a frozen lake and watching the sun rise.

The most important aspect to ice fishing is to be properly outfitted. If you are going to get serious about this sport you are going to need to purchase some new ice fishing gear.  Here are some suggestions to make your experience more comfortable. Remember that if your winter clothing fails to keep you warm, you will not enjoy the experience.

Proper Ice Fishing Clothing:

One thing to remember: If you are not properly outfitted, you are not going to catch fish. If you doubt what I say just try it. You are going to sit there and shiver uncontrollable and not think about catching fish one bit. Here are some suggestions:


I like to use the mad bomber style of hat. If you choose to purchase one of these, ensure it is a high quality hat. I like the kind that are fur-lined.  Mad bomber style hats, specifically fur-lined mad bomber hats are very warm. If it is 20 degrees or above, you might want to consider wearing a more traditional style hat, but up here in Alaska, we very rarely have temperatures that warm during winter months.  More information on fur-lined winter hats can be found by clicking here


When I say parka, I mean a parka. There is a difference between a traditional coat and a modern-day parka. Modern day parkas that are designed to be outside for activities such as ice fishing are breathable, 100% water proof, allow for an entire range of motion and most of all they are warm.

These parkas are not like the parkas I wore when I was a boy. I can remember being so bundled up that movement was very difficult. I can also remember sweating profusely as I was walking across an ice frozen lake carrying my ice fishing equipment.

Cabelas makes some great ice fishing parkas. One example is their Cabelas Guidewear Ice Angler Parka. This is a parka that was designed with the ice angler in mind. I like many of the features it has and have owned many parkas from the Guidewear line. What I like about these parkas is that they are built to withstand ice fishing. I can fall down, climb through the woods, slide down hills, slide on the ice and these parkas are no worse for the wear. I highly recommend them.

For more information on ice fishing parkas, click here


An essential part of any ice fishing outfit is your boots. Again, you are not going to purchase these boots for everyday wear, They are special and will only serve one purpose, that is protecting your feet from extreme cold. If you are going to walk a long distance to your fishing spot, I would recommend wearing a traditional type hunting boot with leather upper and thinsulate and goretex. For more information on this type of boot, click here

These are some recommendations that you might want to investigate if you are prone to venture out on the ice this winter. I love to ice fish, but also I know how to dress for the occasion.