Cheap Ice Hockey Goalie Pads on Sale

The ice hockey goalie pads a player chooses to wear is an important decision. There are cosmetic and functional factors that need to be considered when the decision is made. The wide selection of ice hockey goalie pads can make it difficult. Ultimately you want to know your game and your style before you made the choice.

What Should You Consider When Buying Ice Hockey Goalie Pads?

The first thing you want to do is know what kind of player you are. What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses. Are you quick, agile and flexible. Every goalie should be, but what are you best at. Buying a pair of ice hockey pads that allows you to move freely, comfortably and quickly will be the best choice for you.

If you are a butterfly goalie you may want to consider a different style pad. You'll be on the ground, making a lot of saves with your legs. You want to make sure you buy a pair of ice hockey goalie pads that can enhance your abilities to make you the best you can be.

If you don't buy a pair of pads that fits your style you'll become a worse goalie. You can do harm to your game if what you are wearing is not comfortable. You need your entire focus to be on the game and the flying puck. If your pads become a distraction you won't play your best. Your mind will be occupied by the second rate pair of pads on your legs. You'll probably let the puck through a few more times than you want if you are completely focused on the game.

Where Can You Buy Ice Hockey Goalie Pads?

The first time you're buying ice hockey goalie pads you will likely want to go to the pro shop at your local ice rink. There you can try on your pads and see what style fits you best. You could even get out on the rink see whats most comfortable for you in net. If you've been a goalie for a while and you're comfortable with what kind of pads you need, you can look online.

You could find pads that are used on eBay, but you may not want to go with that. Knowing the abuse they go through could not make them the best choice. You can find new ice hockey goalie pads online though. There are hockey goalie specific online retailers that offer pads at a decent price.

The number one goalie specific online retailer is They offer a wide selection of junior and senior pads at very competitive rates.

How Much Do Ice Hockey Goalie Pads Cost?

You can expect to pay anywhere between $700 and $1400 for a pair of pads. They are an expensive piece of equipment. If there is anything you can do right, it is buying a pair of pads that will last you your entire career. Replacing your pads can be a financial burden. Taking the time find the right pair can pay dividends down the road.

How Do You Know What Pads Are Right?

The best thing you can do is go try them on. Go into the pro shop at your local rink, try some one and go skate around. The padding is usually pretty solid from pair to pair, you just need a pair you're comfortable in.

The next thing you need to consider is the design of the pads. You can make some pretty sick statements with the pads you skate out on the ice with. For some reason the more expensive and the more original a design is, the more respect you get. That is until you let in seven goals of course. The game always does the talking.

When you're picking out your pair of ice hockey goalie pads find a pair that is comfortable.