A Snowy White Heavenly Get-A-Way

One of the most fascinating places on earth is the Ice hotel in Sweden. Yes, it is exactly as it sounds, a hotel made completely out of ice.  Each room in the hotel is designed by an artist to reflect a different atmosphere and mood.  The Ice hotel welcomes guest from all over the world each year to experience the utter peace and tranquility of the Ice Hotel setting.


Some of the features of the Ice Hotel include specifically designed suites-commissioned by well-known artists, conferences and events, an ice bar, honeymoon suite and even a wedding chapel. For those women whose childhood dream was to have a winter wonderland wedding, the Ice Hotel seems like the best place to have it. Nestled deep within the quite mountains of Sweden, blanketed by pure white snow and embraced by fresh clean air, the hotel and the scenery surrounding it makes a perfect romantic setting for your dream wedding.


Preparation for building the hotel starts a year in advance, as the ice is harvested one year prior to the building of each hotel and frozen until it’s needed. The harvesting of the ice is itself and unique and very delicate process that involves intricate and properly calculated mathematics.  The Ice Hotel is so pure it melts back into the sea each spring, and because it is made solely out of ice, there is no worry of anything washing into the ocean to pollute the waters.  This is simply and ingenious idea, that has caught on and become a yearly tradition.


Some of the activities you can occupy yourself with include watching the Northern Lights, ice fishing, skiing, ice sculpting, dog sledding and getting better acquainted with the Sami people-the natural inhabitants of the land.

THE Famous Ice Bar

Everything is made out of ice, including all the glasses and serving utensils in the ice bar. Image drinking a cocktail out of a champagne (44350)glass made out of ice. Imagine eating sushi off glass plates. Because of its popularity and its sheer uniqueness, there is now an Ice Hotel ice bar in Copenhagen, Tokyo and Oslo. Unfortunately, these glasses you will not be able to take home with you as a souvenir.  Guests of the hotel get insulated suits to wear around the hotel as they admire every piece of sculpture within the hotel. The hotel itself is an annually erected museum of fine arts by the most gifted artists. There is always plenty to see inside the hotel as well as the beautiful landscape surrounding the hotel itself.

 Can You Really Sleep On Ice?

The bedrooms and beds are composed comple(44340)tely out of ice, some beds have animal skin as a cover, while others have other materials.  In case you are wondering if it is difficult to fall asleep in a room that is -5 degree, the answer is no, the guest find it one of the most comfortable and peaceful places-so they usually end up falling asleep relatively quickly and getting a good solid night’s rest.



Despite its uniqueness, the Ice Hotel is still relatively affordable for many people. It runs about $220 per night with special suites costing more.  If you like the snow and ice, or if you are just looking for a sweet adventure or even a first or second honeymoon, the Ice Hotel in Sweden sounds like a most fabulous option.


Ice Hotel in Sweden Contact Information

Icehotel AB, 981 91 Jukkasjärvi, Sweden
phone: +46 980 66 800; fax: +46 980 668 90




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