For small bar owners, there are a variety of ice making machines on the market that all purport to do the job of generating ice for your business. Since they only ever have to be replaced every 5-7 years, many business owners forget about the choices involved. Also, before investing in an ice machine, you should also be aware of its requirements and maintenence schedule.

Every ice maker manufacturer produces subtly different shapes of ice cubes from their machines. The shape can even vary in specific models in a range. This is because the end shape of the cubes is generated by the shape of the cutting screen the ice passes through after a sheet of ice has been frozen. Ice cubes, half ice cubes, and round ice cubes are the most common types that can be found in commercial machines.

The capacity of an ice cube maker machine should be considered carefully, too large a capacity and you will be spending a lot of money that could have been kept in your pocket as well as having increased electricity costs, while too small a machine and you will inevitably run out of ice if a couple of busy periods hit your establishment.

Ice makers are great machines when it comes to regular servicing – the only real regular work that has to be carried out is for the filters to be changed every six to eight months. Changing the filters prevents the ice from tasting unusual or –even worse- being slightly off in color. Should any of the customers complain about this then the filters are the first things that should be checked out.

This is just a simple but small overview of the complexities involved in buying an commercial ice maker for your business, but if you contact a third part dealer direct they should be able to advise you in what direction to take with your machine selection process!