Cheap Ice Melt for Sale

When you have icy walkways, you have a serious problem on your hands. That's because thin layers of ice, whether or not they are directly visible are extremely slippery. Regardless of the age of the people that are going to be walking across your icy walkways or up and down your steps, visible or invisible ice calls for a good quality ice melt to increase the safety of your property, whether it be a commercial property or just your home's driveway. Ice melt can be bought cheaply online or at a local store and applied directly to your walkways to quickly take care of icy passageways and turn a dangerous situation into a safer one right before your eyes.

Ice melt usually comes in a large bucket or large industrial ice melt bag, because you need to use an appreciable quantity of ice melt in order to make a difference on your icy walkways. Good quality ice melt also comes with a usable scoop inside the bucket or bag so you can easily and quickly distribute it evenly over the surface that you want to de-ice. Ice melt can come in various strengths depending on the chemicals used in each particular brand, so check to see what temperature your ice melt is capable of handling before you buy a large quantity of it.

The bag should be labeled in some place declaring the absolute lowest temperature that the ice melt is capable of handling. Good ice melt is capable of handling about negative twelve degrees farenheit, and should be used liberally on icy walkways and then allowed to work for an interrupted period of time before people start walking over the surface again.

Ice melt bags usually come in around 40 or 50 pound varieties and should be resealable. Many people prefer the buckets of ice melt, although they can be much heavier, because they are easier to reseal and kept dry. It is very important to keep your ice melt very dry and secured away where there is no chance of it coming into contact with moisture, as this will destroy your supply.

Always keep an eye on pets or small children after you have put the product down on icy walkways as you need to ensure that they don't mistakenly eat or play with the ice melt. Animals usually leave it alone but it does contain harmful chemicals that can even be fatal to certain pets. Children should not handle the chemicals or touch their faces if they have been playing on the ground near it.

Remember that you can also use ice melt proactively in order to prevent icy walkways from building up over night. If you live in an area that gets a lot of wintry weather and therefore icy walkways, you can put a large even quantity of the chemical down on your surfaces before you go to bed so that new snowfall is eradicated or at least drastically reduced by the morning. Then you can finish up whatever icy walkways you notice with a little more of the mixture throughout the day to keep them safe.