Tips That Will Make Your Ice Skating Fun and Enjoyable

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Ice skating can be great fun for everyone. It does not matter whether you are a professional skater or just an armature enjoying your skates. Skating on ice is a wonderful sport that has beautiful graceful moves. This sport is not only a lot of fun but it is an energetic work out as well. You will feel every muscle in your body getting stronger as you develop your skills as an ice skater and your heart will get a good cardio workout as well. Follow these simple tips to be the best ice skater that you can be.

Buy A Great Pair of Skates


One very important tip to remember, if you are making ice skating your sport, is to purchase yourself a comfortable and workable pair of skates. You will want a pair of ice skates that will glide across the ice smoothly. They should fit just right without being too tight on your feet. Shoe strings on your ice    skates should not be too long because laces that are too long could cause you to fall and be injured. Safety should always be considered when picking out your skates.

Warming Up

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It is always a good thing to warm up before you begin to go ice skating. Doing some stretches will loosen your legs and body so that your muscles will be more relaxed as you are skating on ice. This type of skating is a cold sport and warming up is especially important when you are exercising in the cold. Along with stretching, you should start off walking in your ice skates on a flat surface so that you can get the feel for them. Walking on a flat surface with your ice skates will also help you to obtain your balance on the thin metal at the bottom of your skates.

Keeping Your Balance


Make sure that when you are ice skating that you watch where you are going. Beginners are always wanting to watch where their feet are going instead of watching where they going. This could cause you to run into something or someone and it could even cause you to become injured. Being unsteady on your feet could also cause you to fall and become injured. You will want to try not leaning forward or backwards too much because both of these can unbalance you. Keeping your knees slightly bent when ice skating can help you to prevent your losing your balance.

Speed and Control

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Ice skates are different than roller skates in that they have no rollers on the bottom and you will be skating on ice instead of in a roller rink. Ice skating requires using the edges of your skates for control. These edges are sharpened a certain way so that you and your skates can travel across the ice with a fluent motion. Once you learn how to use the edges of your skates, you will be able to skate faster and be more in control of what you are doing.


As you can see, good skates that feel comfortable and work well on ice are the best skates to buy. Safety should be a concern when considering gear and how you skate. You will not want to forget about stretching before taking a spin around the ice rink. Balance is really important also and should be practiced before going out to ice skate. Lastly, do not forget to use your edges for speed and control.