Icicles are part of the holiday's natural winter beauty, and, with icicle Christmas lights, you can replicate the look and add in some night-time lighting flair. These outdoor Christmas lights masterfully illuminate your home for the holidays, hanging gracefully from the ledges and edges of your rooftops and windows. Below you'll discover some great icicle Christmas light choices, see some in action, and even get a sense of their prices in stores.

Icicle Christmas Lights: Twinkling Through The Holidays

LEDwholesalers 16.4 Feet 150 LED Icicle Christmas Holiday Lights with Green WireWhen snow comes it brings with it a sight that has become a symbol of the holiday season: icicles hanging gracefully from window sills and rooftops. It's a beautiful scene, and one that has become a favorite to reproduce through icicle Christmas lights.

Icicle Christmas lights come in a few different varieties and have been popular for years as outdoor holiday lighting. Homeowners around the world have chosen to use them as accent lighting during the season because, not only are they beautiful, they're also secular. There's no religious ties. It's just about nature's beauty, and how you can translate that to beautiful lighting looks for your home. These are perfect Christmas decorations that your family will love and your neighbors, no matter their creed, will appreciate, too. 

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Varieties Of Icicle Christmas LightsGemmy Lightshow Icicle Lights Shooting Star White LED's 8ct.

As mentioned, there's quite a few types of icicle lights available. Some are crafted to appear like real icicles, featuring the conical shape that quickly comes to mind. These can have typical Christmas light effects like pulsing and blinking (or a solid light for a more subdued beauty). But some, known as shooting star icicle lights, do much more. Their lighting magic is a random cascading effect which gives the appearance of, you guessed it, shooting stars, or falling snow.

Shooting Star Icicle Lights In Action

Another choice is icicle lights that are made from LED fairy lights. Instead of going for realism in design, this style uses multiple twinkle lights strung vertically and hung next to each other. They may seem unassuming during daylight, but at night they beautifully light up the home. They can be just as dramatic and eye-catching as shooting star icicle lights.

LightShow LED Shooting Star Icicle Set of 5

For both types, you'll find corded and battery-powered varieties. The corded varieties limit you to areas around your home near an outlet, but they typically come in longer strands with more dramatic effects. Battery-powered icicle lights, however, give you the benefit of portability. You can dress up areas of your home, both indoors and out, that are far removed from power outlets. Perhaps a driveway mailbox deserves a little icicle lighting make-over before your next big holiday party? It's a fun way to welcome guests.

Icicle Christmas Light Prices

While both styles are priced right, the "icicles" made from fairy lights tend to be less expensive. Strands will run you from $10 to $25. The more realistic-looking varieties like shooting star icicle lights typically range from $25 to $45. The price variations of course come down the length of the strands and the complexity of the lighting show your strand can deliver.

Whatever direction you go, icicle Christmas lights are beautiful sights to see. They are go-to Christmas decorations that anyone can enjoy. You can't go wrong using them as accent lighting for your holiday season.