Some of the most common images of farms that we see are of similar subjects. When people see a picture of a small windmill or a cow being milked by hand we instantly think of life on the farm, even if we have never lived on a farm.

Images of farms can bring back many memories in people. You do not have to have lived on a farm in order to appreciate the honest imagery that farms can provoke. Here are some iconic images that we always associate with farms and farm life.


The Wind Pump Windmill

Wind Pump WindmillCredit:

This first use of windmills can be traced back to the ancient Greeks. For many years the windmill was vital to the smooth operation of farms thought the World. A simply windmill was one of the earliest uses of “green energy” on farms. Although these little windmills are no longer needed for most farms and have fallen out of use, modern technology is enabling farmers to be a great place for many wind turbines to be set-up. The most common use for windmills in the United States is the wind pump. Wind pumps can still be seen on many older farms, although they are rarely used anymore.

The Silos

Farm SilosCredit:

Silos are used to store grain. They are a common site on many farms. You will almost always see some large silos grouped together in small farming communities. A silo is definitely one of those iconic images that are always associated with farms and farm life.


Farm FenceCredit:

A long fence extending into seemingly infinite landscape is often seen in farm art. Fences are the key to successful animal management on many farming and ranching operations. 

Farm House

Farm HouseCredit:

The romanticized version is the fantasy that we buy and move into a rural farm house. The cool thing is that this fantasy is very obtainable if you have the desire to own one. The Midwestern United States has many extremely little towns and rural homes that are very inexpensive to buy. You can find many large sized homes in great condition for less than $30,000. You may gave to drive 45-60 minutes for the closest store to buy groceries but the freedom that you will feel will be truly awesome.

Cow Being Milked

Milking a CowCredit:

Most cows are milked by machines today, but many of our grandparents have grown up on farms where they had to milk the cows twice a day by hand. In today’s world the small family farms are being pushed out of business and being replaced by huge corporate farming operations. The high cost of technological advances does not allow most small farms to be able to stay up with the large companies and they eventually are forced to sell out to the corporate farms.

The Barn


The barn may be the most iconic image that we associate with farms. Barns come in all shapes and sizes. Many old barns eventually collapse because of their age; however there are companies that specialize in rehabilitating old barns and reinforcing them structurally so that future generations can enjoy the historic barn that may have stood for a hundred years or more.

Icons in Farm Artwork

It is very common for an artist who creates Farm Artwork to use the combinations of several icons.  A fine example of Farm Artwork is the Ride To The Fair by Lowell Herrero. In this Fine-Art Print two well known icons have been combined, the cow and tractor.

The cow on a ride to the fair

Ride to the Fair by Lowell HerreroCredit:

But this printed poster contains even more icons: The Farmer, the fields, and in the horizon the typical red barn. As a result, the combination of all these icons is that the Iconic Farm Images become artwork, showing the ride to the fair.

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