In today's fast changing world, joint families are rare. Joint families were replaced with nucleus families considering the need for working and earning. Though some of the family values got diluted, but still it was convenient to the 'modern' families for their independence and freedom. This is what probably is called the 'Generation Gap'. But over a period of time, the old values are coming back. The need is being felt by everyone to have someone, near & dear one to accompany not only our children but to inculcate valuable cultural values which were forgotten. However, still joint families are not desirable considering the remote working places and the demanding situations for living. Further there are lots of technological advancements which have changed the lifestyle for the better. Under these circumstances following combination can accrue all the benefits of older generation as well as modern era.

Parents. By the time you start working, parents may be retired. They can choose their future course of action depending on their interests. But as per me, they should choose to enjoy themselves firstly by being together and next by indulging themselves into social service by one method or another. There are lots of avenues now days to pursue the social appetite. But in my opinion, this should be done somewhere close to the children's work place, so that the children can be immensely benefited from their valuable advice all through. This will not only fulfill their personal, societal commitments but also satisfy their children's aspirations. This has to be subject to children giving them their due respect, independence and freedom for their own thinking. This will facilitate valuable cultural traditions to continue. These traditions were well thought off by our predecessors and serve some purpose in life for inner strength. Further with their immense knowledge and exposure to life, they can substantiate your efforts in today's era. This will further strengthen the family values and will build a strong society. Also it will sort out lots of 'old age home' woes which some parents face rather painfully.

Man. The man being the main earning member of the family should continue to do so. But he needs to satisfy his wife and children on one hand and parents on the other with fine balance and tact. He has to strike a line between his career and family. Most of the times, he goes for the career. Yes, career has to be their. But family also requires you. Adequate quality time has to be spent by him with the family. He has to ensure that all the time there is harmony in the family and everyone is contributing synergistically towards betterment of the culture of the family. He has to give due importance to valuable advices given by parents and requirements of wife and children. At times, he may not be in agreement with the age-old notions being followed by parents considering the technologically advanced living, still he has to understand their mindset and try and follow them even at the cost of disagreement. Al these kind of things need to be taken positively and twist them favorably for other family members to first understand it and them follow it without opposition. This is a great task and has to be done consciously and without fail throughout.

Women. Now days, there is lots of hue and cry for women reservation. No doubts, certain works / jobs are done better by woman than a man. However, still the best combination is that women remains at home. Is is not that women should not work. But now with lots of technological advancements, all the working opportunities can be fulfilled from home itself. Occassionally she can go out for knowledge upgradation or customer meetings. But if she stays at home, there is good impact on the children and she can also contribute towards well being of the family.