If you are living life with diabetes then you no doubt have a whole host of problems to watch out for.  Health issues abound and there are many things you have to do to manage your blood sugar levels better.  Not only do you have to watch what you eat and get more exercise but you also have to monitor your sugar levels with a fine toothed comb.  What is further problematic with dealing with diabetes is that even when you do everything right you still have complications that occur down the road.  Not everybody experiences these but many do and all diabetics need to take the appropriate steps to manage these health issues as well.

Diabetic Neuropathy Of The Feet

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Of The NervesOne of the most common long term complications that comes with diabetes is foot neuropathy.  It is a condition in which a lifetime or a long time of elevated blood sugar levels starts to degrade the nerve endings in your peripheral areas, most notably in the lower legs and feet. 

The best way to deal with neuropathy in the feet is to take steps to improve circulation in the feet, stay active, keep your blood sugar levels in check, and constantly check your feet for cuts, blisters, or other wounds but even in doing all this you still have to wear ideal shoes for diabetic neuropathy as they are designed to minimize the negative effects of the condition.

Shoes For Diabetic Neuropathy

Pedors Slip On Diabetic ShoesWhen shopping for diabetic shoes you have to keep in mind the basic features that make a good diabetic shoes.  Diabetic shoes are not always labeled as such so if you know what features to look for then you should have more options to consider which might help you keep costs lower on the whole.

The best diabetic shoes are designed to limit the irritation that occurs on your feet when you are walking or otherwise wearing shoes.  You need a soft inner lining which whisks moisture away from your feet, you need ample support of the ankles with little binding or constriction of blood flow.  You also need plenty of room in the shoe because many diabetic have misshapen feet and toes.  Usually you can find wide diabetic shoes or extra deep shoes which are perfect for deformed feet or large custom insoles.

Drew Casual Leather Diabetic BootsReally good shoes for diabetics tend to be more expensive than normal shoes because they have more things to consider in their construction.  Despite this there are some good diabetic shoes which are affordable that you may want to consider.  Looking for wide New Balance shoes may be a good way to start or you can stick with Dr. Scholls which also make some specialty shoes which would be good for dealing with diabetic foot neuropathy but one type of medical shoe which is an excellent options and very affordable compared to other top diabetic shoe brands are Propet diabetic shoes.

Velcro Diabetic Depth ShoesIf you haven’t branched out of the normal shoe department and you have diabetes you may want to consider doing it sooner rather than later.  Diabetic footwear can make a world of difference in keeping your feet healthy even as your diabetes progresses.  With healthy feet you can stay more active and better control your blood sugar levels.  Insulin resistance is best controlled by staying active and keeping your glucose levels down.  Staying in a normal blood sugar range is very important.  Paying a bit more for diabetic shoes should be a good investment in your future.