When picking out a rug for home, most homeowners tend to look at the more common colors like blue, red and brown. Not many people will intentionally look out for an orange rug. This is quite a shame, as a rug is this hot color will look fantastic in the home. Why orange? Orange is a hot color that can stimulate mental activity, strong emotions, and even your appetite! It symbolizes strength, liveliness, warmth, energy and enthusiasm. If you would like to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the home, then you should definitely try using an orange hued rug in your decorating. Not sure how to do so? Here are some easy ideas and tips for you to think about.

If you plan on using an orange rug in the home, then you should first find out what other colors would go well with it. This will help you to easily get a rug that can seamlessly flow with the rest of the room. Most people are not aware of this, but blue is actually the complementary color to orange. Other colors such as brown, tan, beige, khaki, black, and white are also great complementary colors that can provide a perfect backdrop for your orange colored rug.

One of the things to remember is to avoid a blazing shade of orange. You can use this shade, but use it sparingly and pair it with other colors so that it will be toned down. A pure orange rug can look great in places like a child's bedroom or nursery. This bright shade will make the room more alive and playful. Just remember not to overdo it by having orange walls, drapes and other accents. Too much pure orange is jarring.

Widen your horizons and look at other shades of orange such as pumpkin, squash, russet, blood orange, burnt orange, copper, soft marigold, carrot, apricot, tangerine and peach. These shades are easily incorporated into your home, with the help of other complementary colors.

In your bedroom, an orange hued rug can create a bold and energizing look during the day, while providing a warm and cozy atmosphere at night. You can choose from a wide variety of rugs for your own bedroom, such as a silk Persian rug in soft muted orange shades, or an orange contemporary rug in bold or geometric designs.

For your living room, you can have a dark orange rug and pair it with teal on your drapes or your walls. Or how about selecting several subtle variations of orange like peach and apricot? These colors will look terrific. If you have a fireplace, then highlight the area with a fiery orange or similar shades of floor rugs. Tone this down by pairing it with brown accents, such as a brown leather armchair.

You can even use an orange rug in your bathroom. Pick a tangerine bathroom mat and place it in your bathroom. Add aqua accents like towels or a shower curtain. The bathroom never looked more inviting. Tangerine and aqua is also a great combination for the outdoor areas such as your poolside or deck.

Yet another color for you to think about is red. Red looks absolutely amazing with orange. Pair a bright orange rug in your dining room and use a red tablecloth on your table. This will make the dining area more warm and welcoming.

For a sunnier disposition and a cherry room to relax in, choose yellow. A burnt orange rug will look magnificent when paired with bright yellow drapes or walls. You can be sure that this room will always look inviting for your family and friends.

The orange rug has a lot of hidden potential and offers many possibilities. The above ideas can help you to create a fantastic look for your home.