Are you looking for engagement party gifts? It seems to be well established, that the bride and the groom should not expect any gifts from any of their engagement party guests. Nevertheless, many people decide to bring a gift to the party. If you're one of them, this article will give you some good ideas about what you can buy as an engagement party present.


Check if the couple have registered

If you know that they have registered, your job of finding an appropriate gift is already done. Just pick something from the list and you're done. Take note that most couples won't tell you whether they have registered (they probably don't want you to feel obligated to get them a gift). The simplest solution to that is to ask about the registry. You can ask either the couple or one of theirs parents. If they haven't registered, you probably need some ideas for an engagement party gift. You'll have to choose from one of the two main categories of presents – universal gifts or something more sophisticated.


Universal gifts

Universal presents are always a good idea. They might not impress the couple, but they will definitely leave a good impression. Let's name a few universal gifts...

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Gift baskets

Buying an engagement gift basket is a pretty common idea. There are many kinds of gift baskets available on the market. You can choose between usual tea, coffee or movies gift baskets and some a little more sophisticated ones. Maybe something of your own invention?


A bottle of wine or champagne

A bottle of wine seems to be a pretty cliché present. Nevertheless, it's a great way to celebrate with the engaged couple. It doesn't have to be a single bottle of champagne or wine though you can give the couple a wine gift basket, or a wine set.



Sweets are another common gift idea, but hey, who doesn't like sweets? Sweets are a great way to celebrate the engagement unless of course one of the couple doesn't like sweets at all (it's almost impossible, but can happen). Just pick a box of great chocolates and you're done.


Unusual gifts

Of course if you would like to surprise and impress the couple, you should think about something more sophisticated than the ordinary gifts I've mentioned above. When it comes to unusual gifts, you have to think about something that both of the couple will like. Sometimes finding that kind of thing might be very difficult. If both the bride and the groom have a sense of humor, you can decide on buying a gag gift, like a “Marriage for Dummies” or “Wedding Survival Book” kind of book. If you know, that they need something for their new home, it can also become a great engagement party gift. Maybe it won't be impressive, but the couple will definitely be grateful.

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Hopefully, you have already got some great ideas when it comes to engagement party gifts. As you can see, there is a lot to choose from. You can choose between the usual gift ideas or buy something rather extraordinary. Of course besides the gift itself, it's a good idea to buy an engagement greetings card and write a few words of love and support in it.