More and more people are wanting to work from home, but coming up with ideas for home business can be hard. If you can take what you normally do at work, or your special talents and transplant them to a home business then that is great, go for it.

But what if you are an artist? Someone trying to make their way on their own? Coming up with ideas for a home business using your artist skills can be a bit tricky.

The traditional way for an artist to get known, is to keep their day time job, (or else you will be called the starving artist!) and then approach art galleries, and restaurants, and fairs to see about displaying and hopefully selling your art.

But you need to get creative to have your art stand out from others and to get more people to see it. Just like any business, the more eyes that see your product the higher the chances of a sale.

But coming up with ideas for home business, that can incorporate a lot of viewings or getting your product out there can be difficult. But here are a few ways to get started.

1. Don't quit your day job just yet! You don't want to be known as the starving artist!

2. Invest in yourself and your business, while you are still working at your day job. This way if you do need to get credit or a startup loan at the bank, you will not need to jump through the same hoops as a self employed person. Sometimes it is just easier to apply for a line of credit, than to convince a banking officer to give you a loan for an art business! Trying to explain to them about your ideas for home business, may not get them as excited as you are.

So, if you need money to start your home art business, then try and get a line of credit. They don't seem to ask too many questions about it. Or you can try those low interest credit cards. But if you can save the money yourself, this would be the best case scenario.

3. Invest in a good computer, scanner, digital camera and some business cards, and packaging materials if you have to post your work.

4. If you are computer savvy and can set up a website, then do so, or if you have family members or friends that can help you with this part, then great. If you don't want to start or pay for a website, then you can start advertising your art on websites such as Etsy. com which is for completely homemade creations. Or Ebay which actually has a art section.

5. Start a blog. You can start a free blog at A blog is a great tool when coming up with ideas for home business. It is a way to get everyone to know what is going on in your art business.

6. Take good pictures. You need to take good pictures of your art work. If your idea for home business, is your art business, then you need to be able to provide great pictures of your art. If you can't take good pictures, then this is one area of your art business, that you should consider farming out, or outsourcing. You need good pictures for uploading to these sites, including your own website or blog.

7. Once you have uploaded your pictures and your descriptions and prices to your own website, or to other sites online, then you are going to want to get people to see them right?

This is where your blog and your business card come in. Get your blog started, and have at least a good few posts under your belt with pictures etc, before you start advertising. This way there is more than one page to look at.

In your blog, you can have a picture of your latest art work, and then a good description below it, and how you just completed it, and it is now for sale at: and you can include the address of the site where your artwork is. Such as Ebay or Etsy for example (There are many other sites that sell artwork, but these are the most popular right now)

Then take your blog and put the blog address on your business cards, and as a signature file on your outgoing emails. You can let people know if you are having a art show anywhere, or any happenings for your business, as well as art for sale online.

Coming up with ideas for home business, is like growing a plant. You need to first get the plant, then you feed it and water it and it grows. You need a bit of patience as it will not grow overnight, but bit by bit it will.

Come up with a list of some good friends and then email them a quick email and describe your blog, and how you have your artwork listed at "xxxx" site, and give them the blog address, rather than all the addresses for your art, as each listing will have its own address, so by giving them the blog address, they can click on it and keep up to date with your latest creations by becoming a follower.

If you have good friends, that love your work, then you can instruct them to forward your email containing this information to other co-workers or friends or families, they think would be interested in your work. This is called "viral marketing" and can be just as effective as paying for advertising!

This way you will get targeted and interested people in your artwork. This is a great idea for home business, and for very little money if any! is free and many sites charge a very minimal fee for listing your work. They may charge a percentage when you sell, but this is still a good deal.

If you are not ready for your own website, then try the above steps. You will be surprised with a little patience just how much viral marketing will grow your art business. So, get onto the cyber highway with your ideas for home business, and you will find there is always a way to market yourself, and the label "starving artist" will be gone!