craft pattern for spool knitting

Do you want to work from home, but are having problems coming up with ideas for home business? You say to yourself "I am not a people person".. "how can I start a business and then have to go out and sell a service or a product and not look silly" "I don't have the confidence to work from home and make a living if I have to deal with people"

The above are typical excuses that people come up with when looking for ideas for home business. They toy around with the idea every so often, when things at work are not going so good, and then when it actually comes down to the details or ideas for a home business, they freeze.

It always sounds great right? But just what type of home business can you run that does not require you to be stellar at presenting yourself or your product to potential customers?

There are great ideas for home business that do entail you going out and pounding the pavement to get yourself known and you do have to have some resilience to closing doors. This can be hard if you don't have that kind of confidence. If you are one of the lucky ones? Then good on you, you can work from home and sell your service and products with ease.

But what about shy people? Or people who are capable of working hard behind the scenes? People who don't normally have themselves in the limelight? What kinds of ideas for home business can they come up with that doesn't require them to really show their face to any potential customer?

Most ideas for home business, do need to involve other people or other businesses, but there is one idea for home business, that you can do in your pajamas all day if you want, and that is a craft internet business.

Now before you hit the back button, just follow me through on this, you don't have to create or make any crafts!

The one thing you will need for sure, is a good internet connection, and access to a post office or at least a drop off for the post office. Even that can be done from home as many postal facilities allow you to purchase postage online! But maybe it wouldn't hurt to get out at least once to mail your products!

Ebay is a great starting point, simply because there is so much out there on this site.

So sign up for an account and also sign up for PAYPAL for paying for items and receiving money for your sales.

1. Take a look at the craft patterns section.

2. Look under "lots" or "bulk" sales for craft patterns. Many times you can get boxes of patterns from estate sales for example, and craft supplies as well. But try and find someone selling a bundle of craft patterns and craft supplies.

3. Purchase them

4. Get them mailed to your house.

5. Go through the box, and see if you can find some treasures! Take a good look and start making some packages of your own. Example: If there are any cross stitch pattern booklets, keep them together, and if you find any embroidery floss, put them with the cross stitch pattern books. Sort out things into smaller piles.

6. Get a good camera and a good scanner

7. Bundle at 3 - 5 craft patterns together (such as the cross stitch) and any associated craft supplies, or you can just deal with the craft patterns for now and sell the supplies as a separate bundle.

8. Scan them or photograph them and put them online. Give a good description of your items, maybe mention a pattern or two. Let everyone know the condition of these craft booklets and then give them a list price.

9. Once they have been purchased, you can packaged them up. (craft patterns on their own are great for this, as you can just use strong yellow envelopes.) Make sure you have charged extra for shipping. You can work out shipping charges, if you have a small scale to weigh your items, and then pick the furthest point in your country for example and see how much it would cost to mail. Use this as a guideline. Make sure you put a note in your ad that any overseas or outside your country will need to pay more for postage.

10. Either print off the postage, or head to the post office to send it.

Always make sure to check your paypal account to see if they have paid before mailing.

You can print off invoices and receipts either in Ebay or Paypal. These are both user friendly sites.

So, this is just ONE type of ideas for home business. There are many other things you can buy online and then sell online. You are not restricted to these sites either, there are many more, but Ebay has some of the largest group of buyers and sellers.

Example: I purchased online a "lot" box of craft patterns, I took the chance as the person had not really gone through it, they just wanted $9.99 for the box, and an additional $6.00 for shipping. I thought it was worth the price. I took the chance and purchased it.

Once I got it at home, I took it all apart, and found tons of 2 and 3 page craft pattern booklets, on everything from how to paint to cross stitch. I organized them into specific craft groups and then listed between 3 - 5 craft pattern booklets on Ebay, and I listed them at $3.99 plus $2.00 for shipping. I had 15 sets of craft pattern auctions from this one box.

I was able to sell all of the groups, and one group, the cross stitch patterns had a bit of a fight over them, as they were older patterns, so I got more money for them! But at the end of the day, I made $60.00!

That is not bad from an initial investment of $15.99, so my profit was $44.01 and the postage covered not only my postage but the purchase of envelopes etc.

This may not seem like much, but if you multiply that over a few purchases, you could stand to make some money from home and not even leave home. You can do this in your pajamas, and as you get to know what sells you will make more money!

So, if you are still looking for ideas for home business, and don't want to actually see people! then buy and sell on the internet. It doesn't have to be crafts, it can be anything that you can mail, and there is a market for. So get to work on your internet business, this is a great idea for home business, and you don't have to leave the house!