Ideas For InfoBarrel ArticlesThere is literally no excuse for having nothing to write about here on InfoBarrel. As EV38 states in his article How to Make a lot of Money Writing for InfoBarrel by Signing Up Now, InfoBarrel is still a very young site and community and there's a lot of opportunity on achieving a higher rating of success simply because it's not an EzineArticles yet, and there aren't a saturated number of articles and writers at this moment. However, still with that HUGE advantage, some people who are considering to use InfoBarrel as a source of passive income may be using the excuse that they're not writers or if they can write well that they don't have anything to write about. Well, this article will provide a few suggestions of where to start.

Suggestions on What to Write About

What You Already Know -The simplest thing to write articles on are for things you already know. You may say,"Oh, I can't think of anything I know to write about or I don't know enough." Believe me, even an 8-year old can write abbot what they know and have learned this far in life and achieve success on InfoBarrel. You have all your past experiences to draw on.

What You Already Do - What do you do for income currently or what did you do? Write about that. I'm sure if you were at a job for any considerable amount of time you were assigned a certain type of tasks that not everyone has done. You probably developed a system of how to be the most efficient at those tasks as well. Just break up what your day consisted of into little pieces and write an article based around each thing you did throughout the day.

What You're Interested In - If your hobby isn't also your occupation, like most of us working class, then I'll bet you have something on the side that you're passionate about - whether it's sports, food, travel, etc. You're attracted to it automatically, so it should come natural to share what you know about those things with others.

Reviews - If you can't think of anything yo know or anything you're interested in to write on, just go to Amazon Best Sellers, browse through the different categories, and choose to write on a subject or product based on what's popular and people are currently buying. Geargirl113, here on InfoBarrel does this for many of her articles, and she has been very success. Just think of it like a mini paper/essay/report for school - except if you do really well on it, you get PAID…residual income :)

Think of It as a Blog Post - Lastly, you can think of InfoBarrel as your blog posts. And if you don't have a blog already, InfoBarrel could be a great place for you to start. Just think of each article as a post and build your personal brand through InfoBarrel to start out (fill out your profile, so people can know more about your and participate in forums, comments, discussions, etc.).