If you are looking for ideas for making handmade greeting cards or postcards, then check these out.  Hopefully they can give you some inspiration and help you create your own original works of art to send messages, either by greeting card or postcard.  Great for kids as well as adults.

Collage - This is a really cool way to squeeze lots of pictures onto a card.  It is easy to do, and works really well for postcards too.

Take a piece of printer paper and arrange as many old photographs or any pictures you have onto the paper, leaving no blank areas.  You may need to lightly tape them down.

Now scan this fully loaded page into your computer.  Now print your scanned image on some heavier paper or use one of those card kits you can get at the stationary store that works with your computer printer.  Follow the directions for printing a greeting card using your collage for the front picture.

Or print your collage and then fold for a greeting card of your own size,  or if you want to create postcards, take your printed page and with ruler and knife cut out a 4 x 6 piece of your collage and then glue using a glue stick to heavy card stock for post cards.  Now you have a postcard that you can now write on the back and send in the mail.

This also has a great effect if you print it in black and white.  Find as many pictures as you can so that there is something to always look at in this collage.

Artwork - Create a piece of art, whether it is an intricate drawing or your kids best painting.  Try and create your art in a 4 x 6 inch area of a piece of paper or water colour paper.  You can then purchase card kits from the stationary store. 

Take your artwork to a copy center and have them copy it in colour or black and white, then take it all back home and cut your painting copies into rectangles or squares (based on whatever size card kits you purchased) Using a glue stick (don't use wet glue or it will seep through) Glue your image onto the front of your card, and then write on the inside.

This makes a great personalized greeting card.  If you would like to make a postcard from these, you can have the copy center copy them onto post card paper, which has a stunning effect and then cut them to size if you wish, and then write on the back of them and mail them ouIdeas for Making Handmade Greeting cardsCredit: amazont for a seasonal greeting or as an invite.

Gift Tags - This is a great way to save money on gift tags.  Take last years holiday cards and with a ruler and shaped scissors cut out a long rectangle from the patterned area of the card.  Now fold this in half and punch a small hole in the one corner.  Thread some red thread through this and you have a gift tag that you can write in.

You can also purchase kits that help your kids come up with ideas for making handmade greeting cards. 

Make Your Own Cards by Made By HandsYou will want to keep all of them!  You can get kits in most department and discount stores as well as online at sites such as Amazon.  This makes a great pre-holiday craft activity, and who doesn't like to get personalized handmade greeting cards.

You don't have to resort to purchasing boxed greeting cards, if you have a computer and printer you can get quite creative with photographs, paintings and more.  You can also check on the internet for copywrite free poems and writing ideas for inside.

You could even get your pets to create something with footprints!  I received a greeting card once with doggy foot prints on it. (I can just imagine cleaning up that mess!).