A good skate rink will allow people of all ages and abilities to not only have a great time but also makes them want to come back to you skating rink again. If a person has a lot of fun skating at your skating rink then the next time they come they will bring a friend or two. Your business grows each week. There are many ways to ensure that a skater has a great time and wants to return to your skating rink.

Disco Style Roller SkatesFree Roller Skating Lessons

Skating is funner when you know how to get around with out falling down all the time. Have someone give free lessons on the basics of skating and it will help the person become a better skate faster. These people that get free lessons are more apt to come back and skate more in the future. Also by giving free lessons you can bond with your customers and they will be more likely to come back to your skating rink because they like to the friendships with the owner and staff of the skating rink that these new skaters have developed.

Well Stocked Snack Bar With Reasonable Prices

If a customer wants a soda pop or bottled water you better have it ready. You also want to sell snack foods such as nachos, hot dogs, and candy bars. By offering snacks and drinks for sale the customers will stay at the skating rink longer. A good portion of your revenue will come from snack bar sales. If your prices are outrageous people will buy less and be less apt to come in the future. If you offer reasonable prices the parents will happily buy there kids a hot dog and soda pop.

Some people use roller skating as a way to stay in shape and lose weight. With these customers in mind you should also have some healthy snacks available at the snack bar as well as bottled water, juices, and maybe some energy drinks.

Energetic DJ Host

Many skating rinks now days will start the music and then let it play all night automatically with little to no interaction from the DJ. If you have an energetic DJ he can get the roller skaters pumped up and having fun. The DJ can dim the lights and kick on the Disco lights. The DJ can organize short games such as roller skate limbo. The DJ can accept music requests. The DJ can wish a roller skater a happy birthday if it's the roller skaters birthday. A DJ's job at the roller skating rink is a vital position that is often overlooked when a roller skating rink is looking at cutting costs.

The DJ should not remain behind the DJ desk. The DJ should always have skates on and go skating around. He can look for debris that may have fallen on the floor. He can help skaters who fall down. The DJ can also be goofy and funny and get the roller skaters laughing. The DJ can encourage newer skaters and help build there confidence with small words of encouragement. The DJ can announce any specials the snack bar is having. The DJ can promote other events at the roller skating rink such as "Western Wednesday" or the skate times for Saturdays.

A roller skating rink DJ is one of the most vital employees at a well run skating rink.

Well Maintained Skating Floor

You will need to re-coat your wood skate floor at least once a year. If you are a busier skating rink then you will have to have it done more often. After each skate session you will want to have a couple of people skate on the floor with large push brooms to sweep of all debris. Usually most skating rinks will have a couple of skaters volunteer to sweep the floor. They get to skate a tad bit longer and it makes them feel good to be out on the floor when everyone else has to leave.

If you let your skating floor get into poor conditions it will not only be potentially dangerous to the skaters but will lose you revenue as the roller skaters will quit coming or go to a different skating rink.

Comfortable Seating

You will want to have seating all over your building. Roller skaters get tired and will need to take a rest. People will need somewhere to sit while they put on there roller skates. Parents who are not skating will need a place to sit while they watch there kids skate and drinks soda pop from your snack bar.

Making People Feel Welcome

Make everyone feel welcome at your skating rink. If the customers feel welcome and you form quasi friendship with them they will return and when they return they will bring more friends with them.

Variety Of Popular Music

You want to play music that is generally liked by all people. You can also have theme nights where you can play certain niches of music while people are roller skating. You can have for example "Western Wednesday" where you play country music. You can have a 70's nigh with the music from the 70's blaring along with the disco lights flashing. If you have a late night "Adults Only" roller skating session you can play edgier music that is not appropriate for younger roller skaters.

A Good DJ can sense the "Vibe" of the crowd and play music that is appropriate for the age groups present as well as music that is generally liked by most people.

There are many things you can do to run a successful skating rink but you need to keep in mind that the customers are your business. If you treat each and every customer good then you will have a successful skating rink business. If you treat people bad they will not come back. If they do not come back you lose not only the money they would have spent but also the money there friends would have spent.