With the importance of education, it is no secret that schools need every dollar they can get to provide the highest quality learning possible.  The current economic climate has caused many schools to rely on fundraisers in order to afford all the resources students need.  Here are some great fundraising ideas for schools:

Kiss The Pig

Many successful fundraisers get the students involved, but some of the best ones get teachers involved, too.  Kiss the pig has raised thousands of dollars for schools through a very simple premise: students, faculty, parents, and whomever else cares to vote on which teacher they would like to don a rubber pig nose and kiss a real life pig in front of the entire student body.  Each vote costs one dollar, and students will stuff the ballot box to see their teacher kiss a pig, while many teachers will have to keep voting just to avoid such a fate.  It’s a fun and humorous way to raise money with minimal cost to the school.

School Fair

School fairs are an incredible way to raise money and build school spirit.  Setting up a carnival like environment with snow cone makers, cotton candy machines, popcorn makers, and games can create a fun event that can raise money every year.  Affordable game tickets and charging for concessions help raise money, while students can even build game booths in class for the school to play at the fair.  Local businesses might give out tractor rides or something of the sort, and, when themed for something like Halloween, haystack mazes and wagon rides can be added.

Spell – A – Thon

The great thing about this fundraising technique is that it encourages learning as well.  Students go around getting friends and family members to pledge a monetary value for each correct word they spell on a 20-word test given the following month.  Teachers pick out appropriately challenging words for each grade level, and then students earn their dollar per word, or whatever has been pledged, from each individual who agreed to.  Then the top five students from each classroom compete in a spelling bee where they continue to earn money for each correct word.  Giving individuals a chance to up the ante if a student makes the final round is a smart way to do this fundraiser, as is having a great prize for the winning student at the end of the bee.  This encourages students to study hard to try and spell as many words correctly as possible.  Some schools raise over $10,000 each time they do this fundraiser.

Teacher Auction

Many teachers have skills beyond just teaching, and having them auction them off is a great way to help the school.  While there are logical ones like the music and art teachers giving private lessons or math teachers doing parent’s taxes; schools have often been amazed by the breadth of skills offered by their faculty.   Some teachers are masters of unicycle riding, while others teach fencing or canoeing or juggling.  Teachers will get paid a set hourly rate for each skill, and every dollar extra the skill is sold for goes to the school.  The best part about this fundraiser is that it can be done year round.