One of the reasons that people like to go to Las Vegas for a vacation is because they have some pre-conceived notions about Las Vegas. This Las Vegas article will discuss some of these ideas that visitors to Las Vegas have.

Cheap Buffets

Ye s, this is true about Las Vegas. Las Vegas has many cheap buffets. Las Vegas also has more expensive buffets as well as many pother dining options. If you want to go all out one day at a buffet then you can get an all day buffet pass at some hotel casinos in which you can graze all day at the buffet for one price.

Legal Prostitution

Although many counties in Nevada have legalized brothels, Las Vegas is not one of them. Las Vegas is located inside of Clark County and prostitution is not legal. It is only a short drive to one of the many brothels, but you will not find legalized prostitution in the city limits of Las Vegas or the unincorporated parts of Las Vegas.

Prostitution, although illegal in Las Vegas, is still rampant. You can find street hookers down on Fremont Street as well as other areas. The HIV and disease is very high in the street hookers in Las Vegas. If you want to stay out of jail and remain disease free then stay away from the street hookers.

You can also find many escorts in Las Vegas that openly advertise their services. They will even come to your hotel room. They are in theory, just there to be a companion, but everyone knows what is up with these escort girls.

Cheap Alcohol

Yep, most casinos offer free alcohol while you are gambling. If you don't want to gamble and simply want to get drunk then you can find many places to buy cheap alcohol to drink. The downtown area of Las Vegas with the older hotels casinos offer some great values on alcohol if you want to get intoxicated while in Las Vegas

Sin City

Las Vegas has a nickname of Sin City, and in many regards it can easily live up to its' name, however if you think you can get away with anything and not get in trouble then you are seriously mistaken. Each week hundreds of tourists to Las Vegas are arrested for a variety of reasons.

Some of the activities you partake in may not be kosher back home, but while in Las Vegas you can easily fit in. Other activities that are not kosher where you come from will not be kosher in Las Vegas either.

Gambling and More Gambling in Las Vegas

Las Vegas does offer a lot of gambling opportunities but there is a lot more to do other than just gaming. You can visit Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, or one of the at least 14 different museums in Las Vegas. If you are thinking about moving to Las Vegas there are many career opportunities including Slot Tech as well as careers in one of the Las Vegas area Police forces.