If you are shopping around for bathroom vanity, it’s very important to decide exactly what you need. There are a lot of different designs, colors and sizes to pick from. The first step you need to take is to measure the space you have inside your bathroom. Installing some large bathroom vanity cabinets will certainly help you to properly store all your items. However, if you get cabinets that are too big, you won’t be able to move around the bathroom, which can be extremely uncomfortable.


How To Pick The Perfect Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom vanity with a double sink is very useful for the main bathroom from your house. In the mornings, when everyone needs to get ready for job or school, having an extra sink will be very helpful. If that’s the type of item you want to get, make sure you will be able to fit it comfortably inside the bathroom. You can get two small sinks - they will help you save some space. Bathroom vanity cabinets are also very important. You need as much storage space as you can possibly get. Fortunately, you can find a lot of very compact cabinets, which still offer you enough storage space. A good idea is to pick cabinets that have drawers – they help you to organize all your stuff in a very efficient way.


How to Deal With A Small Bathroom

If your bathroom is small, then you should pick a bathroom vanity with a single sink. It’s important to avoid overcrowding your bathroom with a lot of furniture. There is nothing more annoying then getting out of the shower and bumping against the bathroom cabinets. So, try to keep as much free space as possible inside the bathroom. If you want to keep your bathroom looking tidy and neat by storing all the stuff inside some nice cabinets and in the same time you want to be able to move around comfortably, you should buy hanging bathroom vanity. Bot only they look modern and elegant, but they are very compact and save a lot of space. The bathroom vanity base should be made of waterproofed, easy to clean material.


The Importance Of The Bathroom Vanity Top

The bathroom vanity top is the most exposed surface of your furniture. The sink sits on it, which means that a lot of water will get on that area. You need tops that are made of waterproof materials. Natural stone is probably the best option. It’s elegant and stylish, you can match it perfectly with sinks made of the same material and it’s safe to get it wet. There are endless colors and patters to choose from when it comes to natural stone. You can cover the floor and the walls with natural stone as well, for a flawless, stylish look. Tiles are another good idea – if they are properly installed, the water doesn’t damage them or the cabinets underneath. If you love the rustic look and you want wooden tops for your bathroom cabinets, make sure that the wood is waterproofed with several layers or varnish or another sealing substance. Composite materials are an elegant and in the same time cheap solution. You can find endless combinations of colors and patterns: you can get composite materials that look like natural stone, like wood or like tiles. In the same time, those materials are very durable, easy to clean and completely waterproof.

When shopping around for bathroom furniture, try to find some bathroom vanity with top included. It’s cheaper that way, not to mention that sets look a lot better then getting each item separately. Let’s not forget about the mirror. Each member of your family will be using that mirror each day, for shaving, arranging the hair or putting on make up. You really need some good-quality mirror. You can find now special mirrors, that don’t get cloudy because of the steam from the bathroom. Getting one of your bathroom is a very good idea. Also, you need to have proper lighting around your mirror. Install some spots and make sure they are oriented properly – you don’t want the light to get directly into your eyes, each time you use the mirror.