A garden can be made to look more beautiful by putting a variety of plants. You can put flowering plants, ornamental grasses or shade giving trees. If they are arranged well, you can really make a very appealing garden. And to enhance its beauty, a garden water feature can be added.

To choose a water feature that you will add to your garden, you need to first examine the amount of space that you will use. It will determine the kind of water feature you will add.

Then you also need to examine your budget. How much are you willing to spend for materials and labor? How much are you willing to spend for maintenance?

After you have examined these, it is time to decide on what garden water feature to have. You can have a water fountain, a fishpond or a cascade.

A fountain is a very common water feature used. It gives a positive feeling to people who see it. A fountain comes in many different designs. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can make.

It requires little maintenance. There are also fountain designs that you can buy that are not very expensive. Size isn't also a big concern since a small water fountain can be as beautiful as a big one.

A cascade or a waterfall is also another garden water feature that you can add to your garden. Like fountains, cascades can also come in many different designs.

A cascade usually ends in a pond where a pump brings it up back again to complete another cycle. But new designs now feature pond-less cascades.

They appear as if the water flows directly to the ground. In reality, a pond-less pond is not really pond-less. There is still a water receptacle below but it is hidden from sight by boulders or differently shaped rocks.

Since the water basin is not exposed, need for maintenance is lessened. A big cascade looks grander than a small one so it is usually the preferred type. If you have a small space, you have to settle with a small one.

Another water feature you can have in your garden is a fishpond. Fishponds can be created in different shapes and sizes depending on available space.

Some fishponds are accentuated with a footbridge for added effect. Compared with the two water features mentioned above, this requires the most time for maintenance. They can also cost more.

A garden water feature adds more life to a garden. The sound that moving water creates also gives a relaxing feel. When properly lighted, it gives a romantic ambiance.