Blinds and window treatments are a very interesting combination that can add a lot of value to your room. You can combine the two for maximum function and style. Your home may already have blinds in it. In this case, you may want a different look. However, blinds can also be very easy to use. They provide a lot of privacy and a uniform look on the outside of your home. Here are a few tips for interesting blind and window treatment combinations.

Go with high quality blinds. You can find faux wood blinds that will look a lot more elegant than a basic metal blind. Sure, you'll pay a little bit more than metal but these are also a lot more durable. It also gives you the opportunity to decorate with a more high end decorating style. Faux wood blinds can work for different categories such as country, shabby chic, or a traditional design style. You might even want to use them as your entire window treatment simply because of their simplicity and practicality. This is also a very masculine window covering that can have a stylish element to it as well. This makes it great for a teen's room or bachelor pad.

Another advantage to using both window treatments and blinds is the versatility. You'll have a lot of different options when you use several different window treatments but that doesn't mean that it has to be fussy. For instance, if you invest in high-quality blinds you can easily change up the look. You can use clean white blinds for a modern look. Pair them with a geometric black-and-white curtain. You can make the same white blinds look French country by using a toile fabric. If you want more of a feminine look try rose pattern curtains with a white background that will tie in with your blinds. This allows you to totally change the look of your window without really changing the entire treatment.

You can combine functions. You may like blinds because they are really easy to open and close and give a lot of privacy. However, these aren't very high on style. In this case, you can really get the best of both worlds just by adding a stylish curtain to work with your blinds.

Another option is to mix up the texture of the blinds. You could go with a Roman shade or a more simple grass blind. This will give more of a natural look to your room. It's also a softer feel and it's something that you don't see in every home. However, natural fibers don't always give you tons of privacy so window treatments can really come in handy. You could go with a tone on tone window treatment. You could find a burlap fabric that is very close to the color and texture of the shade. This is a way to add a lot of interest to a plain beige room because nothing will really stand out. This is a very simple window treatment that isn't fussy at all. It can work well for both genders and a lot of different functions and design styles.