Cheap home decor allows you to a designer look on a budget. It means that you can constantly change out your look and add a new idea so that your home always looks fresh and is evocative of your personality. Here are a few ideas for cheap home decor.

Hit the dollar store. Here you'll be able to find a lot of funky figurines and vases. You'll want to get the largest sizes possible. Don't pay attention to the color palette or pattern. You want to customize these pieces exactly to your room. You could use a wicker basket as a chic garbage can. Plus, you can customize all of the little figurines and mask any imperfections that you find. You may even be able to come up with some paper lanterns for a fun and funky accessory. In this case buy several and they would make a great addition to a party area or a teen's room.

Change the finish of the items to match your room. There is a variety of ways that you can do this so you can get a look that works within your theme. For a modern look spray paint all of the items a glossy white so that they almost become a piece of sculpture. If you want a traditional look, then try gold leafing or make the same effect with paint for a high end accessory. You could also try decoupaging the items with patterned paper. You can find a toile scrapbooking paper for a French country design. You can make cheap home decor that is customized to your room just by going with a new theme.

Use what you already have in the house. If you want a cheerful vibe then go to the garden and bring in any mismatched pots and plant stands. Displaying these items together can help save them from the winter elements but also adds a cheery spot to your room. You can also save any broken plates pieces that you come across to try mosaic craft projects later on.

Save your fabric. If you know a few basic sewing skills you can really maximize cheap home decor. You can turn a sweater into a fashionable throw pillow quite easily. You can add trim to your existing pillows with stray buttons and ribbons. You might not think that you have any fabric in your home but when you really start looking at all of the old tablecloths and clothes that you no longer use you have an ample supply for a lot of different décor and craft projects. This is also a form of recycling and you can give new life to your old items.

Clean out your junk drawer. You might have a variety of different keys that you just never throw away. You probably save mismatched earrings or broken clocks. You can display these items just by giving them more importance in your home. The same rule applies to your attic or your garage. You could take a painting out of the frame and then put a scrap piece of fabric inside the frame for a totally new piece of artwork. If you live in the country head to the barn and bring in any old farm tools for a country look and even decorate with rusty materials. It's just a matter of looking at what you already have with fresh eyes to give your room a designer touch.