Cheap home accessories allow you to decorate with a theme or fill up your room without spending a lot of money. Home accessories are an easy way to refresh your room when you want a new look but you can't change the furniture or carpet. Here are a few tips for finding items at thrift stores or just give new life to the items that you already have in your house.

Give small items more importance. This is an easy way to make a statement with the items that you already have in your house. You could gather up a lot of vintage buttons and display them in a glass vase. Another option is to group all of the like items together so that it tells a story instead of just reading as cluttered.

Let Mother Nature do your decorating for you. You can find a lot of free home accessories just by going outside. In a lot of decorating magazines and expensive decor stores you'll see a lot of branches, robins eggs, and natural themed items on the shelves. You can get the same look with plastic Easter eggs and pick up twigs, leaves, and pinecones from the yard. The key to this is to make your found objects look elegant. You can do this by placing them under glass hurricane vases or on pedestals. This juxtaposes your home against the beauty of the outside world.

One of the most vital parts in finding cheap home accessories is to look at what you already have in new ways. You can repurpose a holiday wreath to be used year round. One part of the year you could hang it on the door, the next you can use it as the base for a centerpiece. You can constantly reuse what you already have in your home to save money, add continuity and get a fresh new look.

Your home décor can look expensive even if you didn't spend a lot of money. Hit the thrift stores and find like items such as oversized glass jars or silver candlesticks. This will give you the same look that you see in design magazines but you'll just spend a few dollars.

Another option for cheap home accessories is to simply make them yourself. This allows you to get a custom look that is perfectly fit for your room. With a little hot glue and paint you can replicate designer works on a budget. This also gives you an opportunity to bring in your own color palette and get in touch with your specific design style. Plus, if it doesn't work out you can always just scrap the item and no one will know.

A lot of home decorating is just using traditional décor items in new ways. For instance, it's very elegant to have a picture hanging from ribbon and a door knob. You could replicate this look yourself; just make sure that it isn't actually hanging from the door knob for support. You can repurpose the items that you already have in your house for just a few dollars in crafts supplies if you have a sense of adventure and are willing to participate in a trial and error process.