Ideas for cheap wedding favors can be brainstormed by thinking about your wedding theme, location, and other factors. Wedding favors do not need to be expensive, as many of your wedding guests will likely enjoy the entire event without expecting any special treats, although a wedding favor can be a way to thank your guest for sharing your special day.

Here are some ideas of cheap wedding favors that all of your guests will appreciate:

Music Compilation CD
One of the best parts of preparing for your wedding may be choosing all of your music! Your first dance, the father and daughter dance, the money dance - all of these songs were likely picked especially from your own repertoire of music, so why not share the fun? Consider compiling all of your music onto CDs for your guests. Blank CDs bought in bulk can be really cheap. For the cover of the CD, print out some nice pictures of you and your soon-to-be-spouse and the wedding date. Don't forget to include a list of the artists and songs just in case a guest may want to expand their own music collection thanks to your unique wedding favor.

Re-wrapped Candy Bars
For those of us with a sweet tooth, this would be a very sweet and cheap wedding favor. You can easily re-wrap candy bars to customize them with your names and the date of the wedding on pretty paper. Look for textured or pretty patterned paper that matches your wedding colors or theme. Buy a bunch of your favorite candy bars in bulk and carefully peel off the paper wrapper, leaving the foil covering the bar. Use the paper wrapper to measure how big you should cut your new wrapper. More than likely, you could probably get two wrapper from one sheet of paper. Now print your names and your date on the new paper, trim, and re-wrap! Viola, a cute and unique wedding favor.

Fun Shaped Cookies
Another yummy and inexpensive wedding favor could be homebaked cookies wrapped in cellphane with a pretty ribbon attached. The cookie could be in the shape of a heart with the initials of the bride and groom inside or maybe a replica of the tiered cake. Consider enlisting the help of friends and family to help bake and decorate. Having a cookie baking party could be a fun and great way to de-stress before a wedding.

Seed Packets
Seed packets for different vegetables or flowers could be a wonderful and cheap wedding favor for your guests. Seed packets can be purchase for around a dollar a piece, making them economical and adorable. Consider personalizing the seed packets with your names and the date of your wedding by buying some pretty stickers that you can print on. This will provide your guests with an eco-friendly gifts that, when planted, can continue to give.

Location Memorabilia
Are you getting married in a special location or are you having a destination wedding? Consider treating your guests with local wedding favors. For instance, if you are getting married in a Hawaii, presenting everyone with a lei or seashell could be a great way to celebrate and remember the wedding. If you are getting married in San Francisco, then maybe yummy treat of some Ghiradelli chocolate squares could be a sweet treat.

While these ideas are great for wedding, they can also be used for other party favors, including engagement party favors, bridal or wedding party favors, and even for parties that are not related to weddings, such as birthday or graduation parties.