Halloween kids parties

If your little one is interesting in hosting a ghoulish bash this year, finding creative ideas for Halloween parties may have recently become your number one priority. While you already know costumes are a must, keeping the kids entertained and fed are two major concerns when it comes to party hosting. Halloween parties should always be festive, so use some of these fun and creative ideas when planning out your event. Remember to be creative and customize things to fit your specific crowd!

“Guess the Ghost” Game

Halloween parties for kids should always have some type of game involved. And, of course, you’ve got to have it themed for the holiday! All you’ll need for this one is an oversized sheet! This game generally works well for Halloween parties with a larger number of guests (10 or more). Split up the kids into two groups of 5. One group will be the guessers and the others will be taken into a separate room to act as “the ghosts”. Parents will cover one of “the ghosts” with a sheet and lead them (safely, of course) into the room of guessers. By asking yes or no questions to the adult about the “ghost”, the guessers will have to decide which of their friends is underneath the sheet!

Pumpkin Cupcakes

If you’re planning Halloween parties for a bunch of kids, sweets should always be on the menu! Instead of buying a cake and having most of it get wasted, whip up a small batch of cupcakes to cater to the number of guests you’ll have. It’s very easy to make them “festive”, as well (since all Halloween parties have to be equipped with spooky food!). Scoop the contents of a can of store-bought vanilla icing into a medium sized bowl. Add 6 drops of red and 6 drops of yellow food coloring and mix until the icing is orange (add more color if needed). Using brown M&M’s, form the eyes and mouth of the pumpkin. A green M&M at the top will act as a stem.

The “Gross Out” Guessing Game

This is a great idea for Halloween parties in general, but if you’ve got a majority of boys in attendance – they’ll absolutely flip for this one! In order to make the container, wash out and dry a larger, cardboard ice cream container. Cut a hole in the lid just large enough to fit your hand through. Fill the container with “gross out” items and tell kids that they are “intestines”, “eye balls”, and “bones”. In reality, there will actually be cooked spaghetti, frozen grapes, and dog treats inside. Have kids try and guess what the actual items are that they are feeling. You can throw them in all at once or individually. This one is sure to give Halloween parties that added “creepy” touch!

Mummy Dogs

Hosting Halloween parties for kids can be challenging on its own, but if you’re planning to serve up food to those little ghouls and goblins, that is a whole different ballgame! Speaking of ballgames, hotdogs are typically a good choice for kids – but since we’re on the topic of Halloween parties, we will (of course) be taking them up a notch. By slicing refrigerated breadstick dough into thin strips and wrapping them around the hot dog in a spaced out fashion before baking, you will create a little “mummy dog”. Just be sure to leave enough room for the strips to look separated in some areas even after baking. Provide “blood red” ketchup and “booger yellow” mustard for dipping. You might want to throw up, but the kids will love it!

Make a Mummy

Coming up with games for a Halloween party is no easy task, so we have given you quite a few to choose from in this article. The next suggestion, “make a mummy”, is another easy one to pull off that can be enjoyed by kids young and old. For this one, kids will need to be paired in teams of two to three. Each team will choose who will be their “mummy” and then they will be given a roll of toilet paper (one per team). From there, the teams will spend their designated time (usually 5 to 10 minutes is more than enough) to “wrap their mummy”. You can give bonus points for extra creativity! While it might require a bit of clean up – it’s certainly a way to liven up Halloween parties and get kids thinking creatively.

Cut Out Cookies

If you’ve thrown your fair share of Halloween parties and you’re just looking for some simple solutions in terms of refreshment suggestions, who doesn’t love a good cookie? And you don’t have to knock yourself out! Whip up a batch of cut out sugar cookies and add a few drops of orange food coloring to the dough (red and yellow mixed together will also achieve this if orange isn’t in your kit). Use a few spooky shapes like a cat, pumpkin, and ghost and adorn with some black crystal sprinkles before baking. For kids’ Halloween parties, you really can’t go wrong with cookies and it will certainly be cheaper than going for store bought.

Spooky Frame & Photo-shoot

While all Halloween parties are different, this next idea will probably work best if the majority of attendees are girls. Boys typically aren’t natural born crafters, but you can certainly try. Set up a “photo shoot” spot in the house (think of a creative back drop) and take photos of guests. While printing them out, create a craft table full of decorate-able frames (one for each guest) and accessories like stickers, paint, glitter, and other cute, Halloween-themed details. Halloween parties that allow guests to go home with a memento are always thought of fondly, so give your little ones’ friends something to talk about! Supplies are usually inexpensive at any craft store and this is another easy one to put together on your part.

Swamp Punch

Kooky refreshments at Halloween parties are always a good time – so you can be sure that your guests will be talking about your “swamp punch” for days to come! Just combine lemonade and ginger ale with some green food coloring in a large bowl (or cauldron) for a drink with a “radioactive glow”. This one can also be altered for the “adult” Halloween parties by adding a little bit of gin or vodka to the mix – just be sure not to mix up the batches.

So whether you’re an old pro at planning parties or you’re looking for ideas to jumpstart your first year as host, you’ll be sure to have all the neighborhood kids raving with these fun suggestions. Halloween parties make great traditions, so be sure to bring your favorite ideas back or next year for even more fun!