A convertible sofa has really come a long ways in the past few years. It used to be that this would just be a pullout couch. It would feature a mattress and a metal frame. These pieces were quite heavy and expensive. They were usually unattractive. Plus, they just really weren't that comfortable to actually sleep on. There has really been through a bit of a transformation since then.

One of the most traditional styles of convertible sofas that you can go with is going to be a daybed style. This is going to most likely use a queen mattress and can be one of the most comfortable options for your guests. However, it can also have a wood frame around it for more of a country kind of design style. There are all kinds of daybed mattress covers that you can find. This could even be chic enough to use in a living room as part of your country cottage style and then most people won't realize that it is actually a bed. You may want to stay away from a lot of the metal and brass options out there just because this can look so predictable and it was very popular in little girls rooms a few decades ago.

One of your least expensive options is going to be a chaise lounge design style. You can find a lot of oversized chaise lounges. Another option is just to be a piece that you really push up against the sofa and then you're going to have enough sleeping area although this will be one of the least comfortable options as well. It works okay for a makeshift sleeping area in a pinch if you don't want to invest in an expensive convertible sofa.

The style is really important when you work with one of these pieces because they can seem so cliché. It's important to focus on keeping contemporary lines so that most people don't even know that it is in fact a sofa sleeper. However, if you just ditch the wood frame on a lot of futons it's going to mimic more of a high end kind of designer look that's so popular right now. This is also going to use a higher quality cushion as well. You can just mimic everyday modern living room furniture.

If you want to go for a convertible sofa that folds down then you have a variety of options. There are single beds where both halves in fact just fold down for a larger sleeping area. This usually has a quilted microsuede top on top of it. Then you need to make sure that the stitching isn't going to be uncomfortable.

The most expensive options is going to be a leather convertible sofa, but it's also going to be one of the sleekest and most modern design styles. This is going to be more of a static piece. However, both the top and the bottom of the couch are going to lay down when not in use to form a queen or full size bed. This can be one of the most comfortable options for your guests so it might be worth the heavy price tag.