Ideas for Creating Backyardigans Birthday Invitations at Home

If you want to create a fun birthday for your child, you can turn to the Backyardigans as a great theme for the party. The show has amazing presence in the kids' lives in the toddler years. If you are not having a big party with many guests, you can send out homemade Backyardigans birthday invitations. It is a chance for you to have some real fun with your child.

If you know who the characters of the show are, it would make your job of making invitations much easier. You will recreate these characters using paper art and use them in the invitations. Alright then, if you have made your decision, grab some cardstock with different colors, art paper, felt pens, crayons and other such equipment.

Let us begin with Pablo who leads all the other characters of the show in most of the episodes. To make costumes for Pablo with paper, first focus on the beanie and then the rest. Cut out a circle proportionate to your invitation size (about 20 percent of the invitation size). Also get some yellow cardstock for some small stripes.

Paste the yellow stripes on the blue circle cut out initially. The propeller on Pablo's cap is next in line. This is really simple. Cut the red paper in the propeller's shape. It is important that you take care of such minute details such as the propeller to stick on the Backyardigans birthday invitations since kids have a keen eye on the details.

If you have made one character of the show, the other Backyardigans should be easy to make. Next, try to replicate the backyard, which is the scene of the show. If you have watched the show at some time with your child, you know how the backyard looks. Even if you don't know, you can pick some ideas from your own backyard (or your neighbor's!). It could make for a refreshing change.

However, in most cases, it is also better to draw a backyard on the invitation that is exactly like the one on the television show. If you are creative enough, you will also be able to make a different backyard altogether and fit the characters into it. Draw all the greenery with the grass, woods, trees, rocks and whatever you have seen on the show.

If you want now, you can also draw out some of the side characters of the show in addition to the main ones. Next, you want a novel way for the children to open the invitation to give them a preview of what is to come on the actually party day. For instance, you can attach a zipper pull for opening the invitation and generate some anticipation.

Making the Backyardigans birthday invitations yourself can be a challenge, but at the same time, it is really exciting in itself. To get more creative inputs, get help from the birthday child too. It will make the child feel the part and it is also a good way of showing your child how much you love him or her.