Kids wallpapers for bedroom designs are really an opportunity for you to just skip expensive murals and still get a very convincing look in the room. You won't have to do a lot of handpainting. You might want to go with a fun style that's a little bit more classic so you won't have the arduous task of taking down wallpaper anytime soon.

One thing that you can do is to just skip the basic wallpaper borders, which are a staple in some kids rooms and can be a little bit cheesy. Instead, you may want to just go for an all over print. This can be very overwhelming in a kids room. You can combat this by just using it on one wall. In this case, you can just go for more traditional patterns but use them in new ways. A great way to do this is to go with more of that graphic wallpaper kind of effect. It can even feature a lot of letters and numbers in different sizes in fun colors. Then you can have a white background so it relates back to the rest of your room.

The great thing about kids wallpapers is that you can really be as whimsical as you like. This could even be something that can transition into their teenage years if you go for a funkier kind of paper such as camouflage. It can still be age appropriate if you vary it up with a lot of blues and pinks. Plus, this is going to have a lot of grays and blacks which you can use for the rest of your furniture and wall colors as well.

Another staple design when you choose kids wallpapers is going to be the use of animals. However, you can find new ways to do this. A great way to do this would be just to get a paper that uses white silhouettes of animals for a modern kind of look. You can also give your room a very funky edge by going with a pink zebra print. Whenever you do go with pattern it's important to really match up the patterns from sheet to sheet of wallpaper so that you get a very seamless looking design which will require a little bit of practice and patience.

When you choose cute kids wallpapers for bedroom designs it's important to really get your traditional patterns but in very unusual ways. Even if you shop at IKEA you can see a lot of adult wallpaper that will work for kids because they are so retro inspired. It can use a lot of fun leaf patterns and simple shapes. It can even have really classic turquoise or lime greens in it. This is going to be youthful enough for use in a kids room but it's also going to be a little bit more sophisticated than your typical jungle themed wallpaper border. This is important because then it's really going to last a lot longer.