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If you are planning your wedding on a budget, making your own favors not only helps bring costs down, it is a nice touch. It is also is a fun way to give a more personalized gift to your guests as a thank you for sharing in your special day.

For many soon to be wed couples trimming down expenses to make the wedding affordable may be an issue, and going the DIY route for wedding favors can easily bring down expenses. Another reason many couples opt to go the handmade route is because it truly is more personal. The options of making your own beautiful wedding favors are many and you can customize favors any way you like.

Some ideas for DIY wedding favors:


Votives: Candles are classy and can be as simple or elegant as you want them to be. These favors are also quite easy to make. What you'll need is to find out the approximate number of guests you'll be having so you know how much you'll need to buy for supplies.

Supplies you'll need: votive candles, glass candleholders, tulle (or, if you prefer lace doilies), ribbon

After you get an idea of how many guests will be in attendance, you can go to any craft or dollar store and select glass pieces to hold your votives. Often they are as cheap as .50 or $1.00 each. There are typically a variety of styles to choose from, and buying online can even be less expensive since you are buying in bulk.

Wedding favors - votive candles
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For your candles, one great idea is to purchase candles which coloring matches the theme of your wedding; scented candles are also a nice touch. These candles can also be purchased at most craft stores and are usually pretty inexpensive, depending if you go with generic or a name brand. Tulle is also available in most craft stores as is ribbon.

To make these favors you:

  • Place the candle in the holder
  • Cut the tulle  long enough so you can set the glass in the center
  • Wrap the tulle (or lace) upwards so you can tie the ribbon around. (Tip: If cutting tulle is too difficult, most of the time you can purchase the tulle in pre-cut circle pieces which ensures you'll have the right size every time).

For the ribbon, you can use plain or have yours and your intended names and date of marriage engraved on it. Most party or craft stores provide this service and offer a variety of colors and typefaces to choose from. Be sure you order ahead of time because sometimes it takes a few weeks for the ribbons to come back.

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Buying votive glass candleholders online can also save some money as you can often get a nice discount buying in bulk, as opposed to paying per piece in traditional brick and mortar stores.
Votive candles with lace doilies
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Chocolate is always a fun gift to share with your guests. The exciting thing about chocolate is you can create your own flavors, shapes and personalization to best match the kind of gift you want to give. Creating chocolate wedding favors is elegant, yet simple. You can either make your own design in the chocolate or purchase pre-made chocolates and decorate them yourself.

What you'll need: chocolate, molds, pretty cardboard box (or other container of your choice), decorations if you plan to decorate the boxes yourself

Making your chocolate is simple. Once you have an approximate number of the guests who will be attending your wedding, you can purchase bags of chocolate discs at any party store or other confections supplier, or you can buy them online. Small boxes or other containers can also usually be bought at a party store or online.

Melt down the chocolate, pour into the mold and let cool. If your boxes are not pre-decorated, you can use ribbon, beads, shells or other decorations to personalize your pieces.

If melting down the chocolate is not something you want to do, you can also purchase pre-made chocolates in a design you prefer and wrap them up in your containers to decorate and make a beautiful gift.

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Ceramic Bells

Bells are a nice gift to share with your guests and are representative of "wedding bells". While the supplies you need are limited in number, there is a high degree of customization and creativity involved.

What you'll need: ceramic bells, ribbon, hot glue gun, silk flowers (optional)

Most dollar or party stores carry ceramic bells and are relatively inexpensive in price. Buy enough bells to be able to share with your guests and enough ribbons to correlate with the number of bells.

You can typically choose from white, iridescent, or clear glass; some even come pre-made with a silk flower already attached, but if not you can choose a style and add your own. Most craft stores carry mini silk flowers.

  • Order your ribbons as outlined above in advance. When the ribbons arrive you are ready to start.
  • Glue the flower (if it hasn't been attached already) to the neck of your bell
  • Position your ribbon around the neck just below the flower so it crosses over and sits at an angle to show both yours and your intended's names on one side and the date on the other flap.
  • Take your glue gun and dab a drop of glue to hold the ribbon together. (You may need to add an additional dab to hold the ribbon to the bell more firmly).

There are many different kinds of wedding favors you can make and if your budget is limited but imagination is rich, making your own favors is a winning combination. Even if finances aren't an issue, knowing you customized and designed your own wedding gifts for your guests is also a good feeling.