Ideas for decorating offices helps you create a space that you'll like to be in. New decor can even help you stay focused on the task at hand or motivate you to go in your new office. The decor of your room can blend in with the rest of the house, show off your personality, or relate to your business. You can create an inspiring space that is still subtle enough to work in.

Interior office decorating should make useable space in your apartment or condo for work; even if you don't have a dedicated home office. There has been a trend in the last few years to turn closets into offices. Make sure that you can do without the clothes storage space first. You'll want to bring in rolling carts designed for a kitchen to hold your printer, files, and other items that you'll need to be more hands on with. If you get frustrated working in an old closet, just roll the cart out so you can really see what you are doing. Lose the closet doors and go for a chic curtain that will add femininity to the space. A curtain is also more functional because you'll be able to open it wider than you would with most folding closet doors. The fabric also gives you an opportunity to bring pattern and shimmer to your office.

Install a small lighting fixture in the closet. You may need to look into lighting kits that plug into the wall and then go with a modern hanging paper lamp for ambiance and task lighting. If you have a mismatched dining room chair around, paint it a fun color such as purple; it is your office after all. This allows you more versatility because when you're not using your office you can place the chair in the hallway or guest room so it doesn't take up space in the closet. You can paint the walls of an office a complimentary color. If you are working in a neutral room try using a darker color on the walls or go with a fun brighter color so the closet office doesn't seem gloomy. Line the shelves with decorative cardboard boxes and build in additional shelves in the side of the closet. You can also build in a desk, or just move a smaller desk into the space.

Decorating home offices needs to consider the functional as well as beautiful. We've all seen (or had) cluttered offices. It doesn't make sense to then bring in a lot of decorative accessories and artwork when we can't even keep a handle on the items already in the space. The solution then is to create functional artwork. Install several round wood coasters on the wall made out of cork. This makes a graphic bulletin board. You can also cover clipboards with wallpaper, fabric, or contact paper in fun patterns and colors. Hang the clipboards from nails or hooks. Each clipboard can be a different pattern or color to add interest to the space. You can paint a large square on the wall around the clipboards to frame it out and turn it into a functional piece of artwork.

If you want a professional looking office that you can still entertain in and spend time in then consider a library. Line the walls with floor to ceiling bookshelves and top it off with chic paneling and molding. Use chandeliers and Oriental rugs to give the room opulence. Include a leather sofa to create a seating area. Then you just have to find a decorative filling cabinet and a desk with old world charm to create an office that everyone in the family can be happy with. This is especially important if your office is a study and is located right off the entryway of your home. It will be the first room that people see when they enter your home so make sure you make the right first impression.

Decorate your office to create a space all your own. An office can be feminine or masculine. This means that it will kind of be your retreat and getaway so you may actually start looking forward to work. Paint can transform your existing office furniture. You can paint laminate wood bookshelves and desks so they don't look cheap. Go with a cream furniture color for a feminine office or a chocolate brown for a sophisticated space. You can simulate built in bookshelves by painting the back piece of free standing shelves the same color as the walls and adding crown molding to the top. Organize your books by color for a chic way to be literary and then your books will make the statement in your space instead of just seeming like ordinary items.

Office wall decor helps you add personality to the room. It also gives you a chance to bring in color and make the office coordinate with the rest of the house. This is essential if you are working in a loft or other area that is open up to the rest of the house. You can still have character in your room. Install wood beams on the walls for a lodge effect. Slipcover an arm chair for a comfortable place to work. You'll also need to consider the light in the space. You might need custom made window treatments so you'll be able to see your laptop screen at certain times of the day.

Office decor ideas can also double as craft rooms or guest rooms. You might want your office to have country charm or an aged appearance. This creates a homey look instead of a stark, office feeling. Use a wooden chair at an antique desk. You can paint both of them in shades of taupe and white. You can even paint the hardwood floors with a diamond pattern or just solid white. Accessorize with your favorite items around the house such as potted plants and a wire wastepaper basket. This creates a space that has character but is still neutral enough to allow you to focus on work.