Ideas for Decorating a Baby's Room On a Budget


  After you've purchased all the essential furniture you will need for your new baby's bedroom, what comes next?  Besides the cute little outfits for baby, it's fun to plan decorating the nursery.  If you are on a tight budget, here are some ideas to provide you with for decorating your baby's room on a budget without going overboard.  As with anything in a baby's room, safety is always the number one concern, whether for furnishings or decor. As long as the decorations are safe, or otherwise totally out of the baby's reach, they are fine. 

  The first thing that often comes to mind when decorating a baby's room is the color scheme.  You may have already had this in mind when choosing the baby's furniture; or, if the furniture is all wood or white, you might still be thinking along with lines of what color you want the room to reflect.  A room for a baby girl doesn't necessarily mean all pink; the same for a boy - it doesn't need to be all blue.  Vary the colors a bit.  Patterns are nice to use, but we warned.  You might get tired of staring at Winnie The Pooh everything in a few months!  Rather than go with one specific theme that is limiting, try stretching your colors and themes a bit to include as much as you can.  This will keep your baby's room interesting and colorful!  Red, sunny yellow, bold black and white - there are several interesting colors that work well for either sex, including many combinations of colors.  If you want to stick with traditional pink, by all means do so - you could also add a few more colors here and there.  One thing to keep in mind with whatever theme you choose for your baby's bedroom is that the baby will grow older and eventually outgrow Mother Goose or baby animals. 

  If you are allowed to paint the walls of your baby's bedroom, choose a good background color that will complement the theme of the room.  You can purchase stencils and paints to paint murals on the bedroom walls to reflect the chosen theme; this is an excellent inexpensive way to begin decorating the baby's bedroom.  If your residence doesn't allow the option of painting the walls, peel and stick decor is available at a wide variety of stores, including several online venues.  Attractive scenes or murals can be made with decals of baby animals, nursery rhyme characters and other baby decor.  One online store that offers a wide variety of peel and stick decor and wallpaper border with cute baby themes is Roommates Peel And Stick Decor.  A good thing about using the decals is that they can easily be removed and changed as your baby grows older. 

  For other affordable decorating options, consider decorative shelves, either store bought or home made and painted, that you can add to a wall.  Put up high enough, they can serve a practical purpose for holding all those stuffed animals baby is  not old enough to play with!  They can also be used for storing necessities such as diapers and baby socks.   A cute, whimsical music box can be put on a shelf such as this. 

  Nursery style curtains can either be purchased or sewn for the bedroom windows.  If you can't sew, buy plain curtains and decorate them yourself!  Use fabric paint or markers and create beautiful curtains that you can say "you made yourself"!  Be sure all embellishments and ties are out of baby's reach.  Sun catchers, the suction kind, can be used on windows for some colorful ray catching.  Anything you hang from a ceiling must be secure and high enough up that baby can't reach it.  And once you add baby's bedding, which includes sheets and comforter and a blanket, they, too, become part of the decorative scheme.  If the baby's furniture is plain, you can add decals in whatever theme you choose, or even paint chests of drawers with decorative designs.  Once you are finished, you will have a baby's bedroom decorated for a reasonable amount of money, and a wonderful happy haven for your baby.