Decorative home wall accessories are a great alternative to artwork. This will mean that your room will have a lot of character and you won't have to worry about it looking like a model home or dentist's office. You can make your own accessories or just collect interesting items. This can become the focal point of your room if you don't have a lot of architectural detail in your space. Here are a few tips for decorative home wall accessories.

Your artwork can also serve a purpose. This is important in smaller spaces or just if you want a really oversized piece. You could turn an entire shelving system into decorative wall art. It's just a matter of staging and lighting the case for a modern look. The shelves could replicate cubbies. For more of a traditional or elegant feeling, then try adding a lot of fluted moldings. This gives you an opportunity to bring in lots of accessories, storage, and even hide away your TV.

Architectural elements are a very popular decorative home wall accessory. These can be quite expensive, especially if you want an oversized piece. You could go directly to the source by heading out to the salvage yard. Here you'll be able to find a lot of corbels and old tin ceiling panels that you can easily turn into wall art. This also ensures that your room has character and that your wall art is a little bit different from everyone else's in the neighborhood even if you have the same style.

Photographs are a traditional form of decorative wall art, but they can also have a designer touch to them. You can find entire collage systems that will really turn into the focal point of your space. For a more of a Spanish style find ones that feature large tin frames. For a more of a modern style you can find frames that are all connected together. This is a way to turn your favorite memories into art and they will get noticed more and give you an opportunity to tell your stories.

You might not think that you're an artist but you can easily create your own artwork. This allows you to get the exact theme and color that you want in your space. You could even go around and take macro photographs of your neighborhood to really show off your favorite elements of where you live. Another option is to try your hand at painting. You can even just arrange a cool collage of colorful patterened papers. This is very inexpensive and depending on which papers you choose it can have a modern or country feel to it. The biggest hurdle that you'll encounter is getting over the idea that you are not an artist because you still have a lot of creativity in you and you can develop your artistic eye as you go along. You won't know if you are an artist or not if you don't give it a try.

Found objects are a great source of decorative wall art. This could be anything from an old unicycle wheel to an antique movie poster. The next time you're in a thrift store or attic and you find something that looks cool but you don't know what to do with it you really need to consider whether it can make a piece of wall art. You want to make sure that it's not too heavy but otherwise it can really add a lot of character and a sense of whimsy to your room.