Girls' bedroom decor doesn't have to be expensive. This might be your opportunity to finally use pink and flowers. However, you want to be sure that you create a space that your kid will like as well. Since kids grow up so fast you want to make the most of your budget by finding a durable design that is still cohesive. Here are a few tips for girls' bedroom decor.

Go country. This will keep your room from seeming too cutesy. It's a design style that works well for adults so your child will be able to grow with it. Country style uses lots of floral prints and fabrics. At the same time it has a slightly rustic feel so it will be different that your basic pink floral bedroom. Mix in stripes, checks and solids with the bedding. Bring in green, taupe, yellow or even gray to balance out the more feminine colors. A shabby chic design also works perfect for this purpose and it might be a little more sophisticated. Paint the furniture with a distressed finish. You can even sand it and add glaze for character. This allows you to work older pieces into an overall design style to maximize your budget.

Define different areas. One of the biggest challenges in decorating might just be that there isn't enough space. Separate a work area as well as a small couch or chair where her friends can hang out. If the room functions well and looks good she might be more likely to actually keep it clean. You can maximize closet space just by changing out folding doors for curtains on rings. This will give a softer feel to the room but also ensures that your daughter can access all of her closet easily.

Go with trendy styles. This is even important for younger kids. Staying with a more contemporary style ensures that your kid doesn't need to redecorate all the time. You can make flowers "cool" by going with more pop art prints. Make the room funky with bright hot pinks or lime greens. She can still get her favorite colors but neon or bright colors will usually coordinate together but they also seem less juvenile then pastels. Keep your wall color neutral so that the room doesn't glow.

Base wallpaper and murals on the child's age. A princess theme is one of the first things that can seem dated in the room. You can use basic design principles in other areas of the house in a girls' room. For a more sophisticated Venetian, French or Tuscan vibe faux finish the walls to look like plaster. You could even transition this into a guest room later on. Striped walls are fun, but they are basic enough to have design durability. If you are going with stripes with lots of colors then just stick with the paint effect on one wall. This way you'll be able to incorporate all of her favorite colors for a totally unique color scheme. You can also use vinyl circle stickers or paint them on the wall for a funky vibe.

Girls' bedroom decor allows you to compromise with your kid. You can both get what you want for her room. Use decorating as a bonding experience instead of a chance to fight.