Can't decide on what to be this Halloween? Here are some classic themes:

Scary Costumes

Scary IS classic Halloween. Halloween brings out the ghosts, goblins, witches, skeletons and demons. You can look to movies for inspiration, or you can come up with up your own.


Aliens come in all shapes and forms. They can be space creatures or little green people from Mars. Maybe, even a martian robot! (Whatever that is). Aliens make a great Halloween costume because whether cute or ugly, an alien can be anything at all. After all, have you ever seen an alien.


Uniforms are also a traditional classic. There are many professions that have attire associated with them. There are soldiers, fireman, and police officers. Cheerleaders, school girls and nurses offer other uniform choices. And lab coat attire can make you a doctor or scientist.

Pirate Costume

This is another classic Halloween costume. You could simply use a red tee shirt and wear black sweatpants. Accessorize with a sword and eye patch and your done. If you want to go all out, check on-line for a pirate outfit or other Halloween accessories.

Animal Costume

Animals seem to be more popular with kids than adults. Sometimes these costumes can be made simply with a mask, matching clothing and a tail of some sort. But, it just may be easier to but an animal costume.

Sports Costume

Pick your sport: basketball, football, soccer, hockey, etc. Pick your team. College or Pro. Pick your favorite player. Buy the jersey, finish the uniform with things out of your closet. Do not forget the accessories such as a ball, hockey stick, shoulder pads, helmet, etc. You are good to go.

Celebrity Impersonation

Oh, you know who you want to be. Study their attire, buy the props and go for it.


Why stick with traditional Halloween costumes when you can be a toilet? How about a whoopie cushion, tea bag or a bag of jelly beans. Get some poster board and make it look like a credit card. Now you ARE the credit crisis! Scary, huh?

Fantasy Costumes

Be a fairy. Be a princes. Be a fairy princess. Be an angel. Be the angel of death. Be naughty.

Superhero Costume

It used to be just Superman and Batman. Now there are many. Choose your favorite. How about going as an Anime character.

Still at loss for an idea. Follow links around the web until you come up with your Perfect Halloween costume.