There are many different styles of eyelet curtains. They all have a few things in common however. The first is that the curtains are hung on the pole through the eyelets that are inserted into the top section of the curtain. They are also usually made from simple panels of material. For most windows you would hang two panels, however you can add more for very large windows or to achieve a different look.

Most eyelet curtains are hung on tall windows, which is where their elegant lines become really prominent. You will also find smaller eyelet windows hanging on kitchen windows and even in bathrooms. There are no restrictions on where to hang the curtains as they really do look great in any room though they are perhaps most commonly used in living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

The curtains themselves can be made from any type of material. The choice of material will depend on your room décor, the room that the curtain is being hung in and to a large extent your personal preference. If hung in a room that gets a lot of use, or if you live in an extremely dusty location you may want to opt for material that is easily machine washable otherwise laundering could become expensive.

Curtains can be patterned or plain. Oftentimes they are made from single colored material, with white eyelet curtains a popular choice. Bold patterns do not always look so great on this style of curtain, perhaps because the style itself suggests simplicity. If you do decide on patterned curtain material, look for horizontal patterns rather than floral or other busy patterns. If you do choose horizontal patterns, make sure that the patterns match when the curtains are closed. This is also an important consideration if you are sewing your own curtains.

One very popular pattern is to have a wide horizontal strip going across the top of the curtain. This can include the eyelet section, or it can start just below the eyelet section. This band stretching across the entire width of the curtains can be used to color coordinate your room and curtains.

For larger windows, and an outstanding design, try hanging different colored panels on the one rod. You could choose two complementary alternating colored curtains; a light green and a darker green for example, or blue and gray. I have also seen multi colored panels put to great use for an absolutely stunning design. Each separate panel was a bold red, maroon, blue, sky blue, aqua and then green. You do need to have a particular style of décor in order for this to look good, however. If not done properly it can look gaudy and cheap.

There are no end of ideas when it comes to eyelet curtains. Their simplicity and elegance make them a great addition for any room. Decor ideas can be found at online sites such as 'Better Homes and Garden', Homes and Garden Journal, or in books and magazines bought from Amazon or local bookstores.