Ideas for Holiday Volunteers

Holiday Volunteering

If you'd like to show your gratitude for all the blessings you have in your life and help others consider holiday volunteering as a way to give back.

The holidays present a special need due to all the people that every organization attempts to help and you could help with your time, love, money, prayers and hands.

If you're unsure of which organization needs holiday volunteers, this article will help you. Read on for the multitude of organizations that can benefit from having you as a local volunteer this year during the holidays. You very well may like it so much that you become a volunteer for other times throughout the year beyond just the holiday.

Many of these suggestions for holiday volunteers will usually be willing to accept your services based on your availability. Check with them to find out the details of volunteer positions they're trying to fill.

Ideas for Holiday Volunteers

Places that Need Holiday Volunteers:

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is in constant need of volunteers willing to man the posts at all their kettle locations and be a bell ringer to collect donations. Be prepared for potential cold weather for this position but, you could really help the Salvation Army during the holiday in this position or check with them to find out their other needs.

Toys For Tots

The Marine Corp is in charge of this national holiday toy collection and is usually in need of toys for the many children that they provide toys for during the holiday. Contact them to offer to collect toys at a particular location such as your place of employment.

Homeless Shelter

Your local homeless shelter will be in need of volunteers to either help out in the kitchen, setting up apartments, picking up collected gifts or wrapping collected toys and other gifts.

Blood Bank

The local blood bank is typically very busy during the holiday season as many people choose to give blood as their way of giving back. You could possibly help the local blood bank as a volunteer with signing in donors or in the snack department watching the donors after their blood donation is complete.

Community Food Bank

The community food bank in your area typically has a huge need for increased donations of food and supplies for the many homeless people during the holidays. You may be able to assist in collecting food at certain locations or sorting the already collected food. You might even be able to start your own collection for the community food bank at your place of work if you can't help in other ways.

Local Church

Your local church helps many of the community members in a multitude of ways such as collections of food and clothing or furniture, toys, ministries, reading, educating, bazaars or hosting upcoming fundraising events. Find out what events are happening at your local church and how you could participate.

Animal Shelter

The animal shelters across the globe are typically in need of local volunteers all year long. If you're an animal advocate there's more than likely a need for feeding, bathing, walking or playing with animals as well as cleaning the crates or organizing supplies. Start your own collection of pet food, bandages and gauze or toys at your place of employment as an additional way to volunteer your time for the animal shelter near you.

Habitat for Humanity

The local Habitat for Humanity in your area is always building homes for those in need. Volunteer during the holidays if you have any ability to clean, paint, hammer, build, lift, carry, move, organize or be a team player in this huge effort of creating homes.

Local Soup Kitchen

Your local soup kitchen serves hundreds or thousands of meals during the holidays to the homeless in your area. If you're handy in the kitchen you may be of assistance in cooking, cleaning, organizing or collecting pantry items.

Local Hospital

Your local hospital may need holiday volunteers to visit patients without families, delivering mail or other ways. You'll never know until you call to find out how you can help.

Nursing Home

Many times nursing homes could use assistance from volunteers in simple tasks such as watching the elderly patients, walking with the patients, sitting with patients, reading to the patients or other ways that you'll be informed of. Find out how you can volunteer at a nursing home. Maybe you could organize an evening of caroling with your talented singing friends and family or collect gifts for the patients.


The Make-A-Wish foundation helps to fulfill the wishes of terminally ill children. Find out the many good works that they do and how you could become a holiday volunteer with them.

More Volunteer Ideas:

Lend a Hand Volunteering

Collect stuffed animals for the local police department in your city or town. The police department keeps a collection of small stuffed animals to give to injured children during accidents or domestic incidents.

Collect items to ship to a serviceman/servicewoman serving in the many areas of the armed forces. Collect personal care items, magazines, nuts, gum or clothing and find out how to ship these items through the local Red Cross.

Collect first aid kits, personal care items, clothing or toys to be given to a local homeless shelter.

Start a Tree of Giving at your place of employment to collect gifts for a local nursing home, children's center, homeless center, food bank or hospital.

Create a walk for a cause if you're good at organizing to get others to assist you in helping a particular disease.

Holiday Volunteers

There are many organizations that need holiday volunteers. Use your creativity and imagination to think of other ways that you could help others over the long holiday season. There are really endless possibilities.

Start early to prepare your plan and get others to assist you or simply contact any of these organizations and find out how you could be of assistance as a holiday volunteer. Chances are very good that you'll have one of the happiest holidays ever yourself and may want to be a permanent volunteer. Helping others always feels good and is the right thing to do if you can.

Happy Holidays To YOU!