There are several inexpensive centerpieces for wedding receptions you can use that will look great, but not blow your budget.  It seems that when people get married, the planning, expense, and other things all help to make it one of the most stressful times anyone could possibly face.  If you are going to tie the knot and you need to decorate for the wedding reception, these inexpensive centerpieces just might be exactly what you are looking for.  Take a look at these ideas and see if they will work for you on your big day.

Rent Them

When you rent out a hall for the reception or dinner, many times you can actually use the centerpieces they have on hand.  In some cases, it might be a free option they will include when you rent out the place, so be sure to ask.  If they are not free, they could be willing to accept a small fee to allow you to use the centerpieces they already have in stock to use for other events.  It’s worth a try and it could easily pay off and help you to save a lot of money.  If budget is a concern, this one makes perfect sense.

 Photo Books

Why not?  With digital cameras, it’s very easy and cheap to print off multiple pictures.  You could put together a hands-on centerpiece using only a photo album and some creativity.  Put together a nice collage of pictures of the new bride and groom, along with their families. It’s a very unique option and it doesn’t cost much money to put together, so at least consider it.

Cheap and Unique Wedding Reception Centerpieces – Potted Plants

Rather than going out and purchasing flowers, you could easily just use potted plants from friends and family and return them after the wedding reception is done.  They are a nice alternative to flower and they are a lot cheaper.  When you get married, you will have more than enough expenses, so saving money on something like this just makes good financial sense.

Children’s Artwork

If they bride or groom have children, you would ask them to make pictures that would be very cute and fun for everyone that attends the wedding reception.  Not only would they be really cheap centerpieces, but they would also help to make the kids feel much more involved.  As you can imagine, this can easily become a hit at the party.  It’s worth exploring and it will cost you almost nothing to put it together.

Dollar Store Candles

You will be surprised at what kinds of candles you can buy for a buck.  Many will look great and with a wide variety of colors, you can generally find some that will match the colors of the other wedding reception decorations, so it will look great and be pretty inexpensive when it’s all said and done.  Take a look and see what’s out there before you assume this one won’t work for you.

Aunt Millie’s Roses

Do you or a family member have a beautiful flower garden? If so, you might have all the flowers you could ever need for a somewhat traditional wedding centerpiece idea for the tables at the reception.  Ask family and friends if they will allow you to cut some of their flowers for display.  Many will be very happy to oblige and will even consider it an honor, since it will give them a greater level of involvement in the celebration.  As around and see what you find.  You won’t find many ideas that are cheaper than this, since it could actually be free when it’s all said and done.

Repurposing Wedding Flowers

What do people do with all those flowers used to decorate the church during the wedding?  Many times, they give them to anyone that wants them or just leave them.  What a shame.  Why not just take those same flowers and make them do double duty for the wedding reception?  Many are more than capable of being transferred and used again.  Plus, it will also help to keep the theme going, if you have one.  This one is a really cheap and practical idea for centerpieces, since it makes use of something you have to buy anyhow.  Think about this one carefully and see if it’s a good option for you to get more bang for your buck and stretch your dollar.

Edible Centerpieces for Receptions

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on edible wedding reception centerpieces, a simple array of colorful fruit in a nice looking bowl will probably serve the purpose you need and will help fill the bellies of your guests.  This one is practical as well as inexpensive, so it is an option to keep in mind as you check out all the ideas and options you find.

If deserts will be served in addition to cakes, why not use them as part of the display?  Nothing can beat the looks of a delicious desert, so consider it carefully.  It is a good way to cut costs, since it is something that would likely be served anyhow. 

Candy Bowls

This is another edible one that can work.  You can buy bulk candy pretty inexpensively, and there are tons of colors and flavors to choose from, so it makes a lot of sense to consider this cheap and relatively unique idea for wedding reception centerpieces.

This one will be popular with kids and will give the guests a little something to snack on while they talk to each other and wait.  It’s practical and cheap, so it is worth keeping in mind if you have a very tight budget, like many newlyweds do.


They are cheap and you can rent a helium tank at reasonable rates.  You can do it yourself and hold them down with ribbons and the wedding invitations you sent out to family, or with pictures you printed off to show others.  It’s a really inexpensive wedding reception centerpiece idea you can use on your big day.