Master bedroom interior design can help fulfill your decorating dreams. You might have dreamed of your own bathroom and a walk-in closet your entire life. Then when you finally get your dream master suite you don't know what to do with all that space. Your existing furniture might seem insignificant in the room. Here are a few tips for making all of the spaces in your home coordinate together.

Make the spaces relate to each other. You could refinish your bathroom vanity to match your bedroom furniture. You could even use the tones in your bathroom as the inspiration for the colors of the bedroom. Coordinating spaces will give you more of the sense of one giant bedroom suite instead of small broken up spaces. Words of warning though, invest your money wisely. Just because you have red paint in the bedroom doesn't mean that you need to have red tile in the bathroom. Neutral colors on high end items ensure that you have design durability.

Maximize your closet space. You might be so focused on decorating that you forget about function. If you are moving up from a typical wall closet it might seem like you have a lot more space just because you can walk around in it. However you might have close to the same amount of storage space. You can add baskets to the tops of your shelves, and put a shoe rack underneath your clothes to help get everything organized. Invest in a set of matching hangers for design cohesion; just make sure that you buy a few extra for any other future clothing purposes. You can even install a second bar in the middle of the wall to maximize your hanging space; just make sure that you still leave enough area for long dresses and coats.

Let your furniture dictate the design style. This is even true if you are going to replace it. You can make older pieces into shabby chic finds just by adding molding and paint. The furniture is the largest thing in your room. It's really the only thing that differentiates your space from everyone else's in the development so make sure that it speaks to you. For a modern or contemporary style stick with dark wood or painted finishes with clean lines. A traditional style can utilize a mix or wood and iron pieces in different painted finishes. This way you can get a French inspired room in a new construction home.

Bring in solid colored bedding. It can be really easy to head out to the store and just buy a bed in a bag with coordinated bed skirt and this isn't always a bad option. However a lot of these sets can look like motel rooms. No, not fancy hotel suites, motel rooms. An easy way to combat this is by mixing a lot of solid colors together in the same palette. For a Moroccan inspired space mix and match red, blue and purple sheets, pillows and comforters. For more of a Zen vibe stick with pale greens and taupes. This ensures that you get a set that is customized to your design style and personality. Plus, it will also save you money and allow you to get a higher thread count.

Master bedroom interior design really highlights the assets of your room. You can work with all different colors and design styles but still have a sense of cohesion.