Office remodeling is really a chance to get a dedicated work area. Oftentimes this will double as a guest bedroom or just be part of a basement. In this case it's important to really freshen things up just so that you get a lot of beautiful details that make you actually want to go into the room.

You'll want to pay a lot of attention to your carpet. Carpet squares might be the right way to go. A low pile is really going to ensure that you can still roll your office chair around it. Low pile carpet can look industrial or boring. Look for a checkerboard pattern in neutral colors. You can mix and match a lot of plain squares together. This could just be in shades of white, cream, and taupe. Keep the rest of your furniture plain and simple so that the focus is really on the floor.

Create some sort of message or organization center. You could just get old picture frames and then put different chalkboards or dry erase boards in them. This acts as functional artwork. You'll also want to get a paper filing system that you can implement as soon as you get new reports or mail in the space. This will match almost any seating from a white office chair to a black leather barstool">white office chair to a black leather barstool.

Solve problems with your lighting. Lots of lighting can give you the allusion of space. This is especially vital if you're working in abasement that feels stark. However, you also need to make sure that you still have task lighting. Reduce glare on your computer screen by positioning it away from windows or installing window treatments.

Storage is another big consideration when it comes to office remodeling. You could have cabinetry installed that's really going to create a functional work area. Look for small nooks or alcoves where you can build floor to ceiling shelves.

The next step is to add in a lot of style. You can carry the theme from the rest of your house into your home office. This will help you get rid of the forgotten or cluttered feeling that these offices can often have. Just adding in intricate molding can give a French, Victorian, traditional, or arts and crafts feeling. Just paint it a bright white so that it feels a little bit more casual and then it will match your painted office furniture.

The great thing about office renovation is that it's usually quite inexpensive. Usually these rooms are quite plain. You'll want to bring in more intricate furniture to make it interesting. Your room can just be a basic shell for your decorating which is a fun and inexpensive way to decorate and gives you a totally new look in your space.

Consider how many work stations that you'll need. If you have laptops you could just try a center island. This allows you to move around the room a lot. This is also a chance to really try out a totally different floor plan although you'll want to make sure that it doesn't overtake the entire room. You can really get a more modern look just by changing up how you arrange the furniture which is great if you are on a budget.