Every Holiday Season I look forward to receiving Christmas and Holiday cards. I love hearing from friends and family, and I enjoy putting the cards on display for others to see.

A few years ago I began saving all my cards, and this year I was so pleased to go through them and find some from an Aunt who had recently passed-away. To see her signature and read her holiday wishes to me and my family gave me such a feeling of warmth and love. I was so glad that I'd saved her cards, and everyone else's!

My collection has begun to grow so much that this year I've decided to keep only those cards that carry the most sentimental value, like my Aunt's. My dilemma however is what to do with the rest of the cards; I couldn't even think of throwing them out! Thus, I decided to do a little research and I found some interesting ideas for my old Christmas and Holiday cards.

Ideas for old Christmas and Holiday cards:

Bookmarks: For those who enjoy reading, this is a great idea. Cut your old cards into strips, about 7 inches long and 2 inches wide (make sure you cut in such a way so as to get a picture, words, or a scene on it). Punch a hole at the top and tie a string or ribbon on it. Make some as gifts for your friends and write a personal note or a quote from their favorite book on the back.

Recipe Cards: This is a wonderful idea for all the "chefs" out there! Cut an old Christmas or Holiday card into the size of a recipe card, about 5 by 3 inches. Write the recipe on the back of the card, or type it out on your PC, then print and paste it on the card. To make sure your cards last a long time, take that extra step and laminate each one.

Puzzles and Magnets: These are two fun projects that you can make and give as gifts. For the puzzle, cut the front of the card out and paste it on a piece of cardboard. Using an X-Acto knife, cut the card into puzzle pieces and put them in an envelope. For the magnet, cut the picture from the card and glue a magnet on the back of it.

Scrapbooking: Cut pictures from your old cards and use in your scrapbooks. You can even paste an entire card in a page of your scrapbook.

Gift Bags and Wrapping Paper: For the gift bags, use lunch bags and decorate them with pictures and words from old Christmas and Holiday cards. For wrapping paper, cut pictures and words from your old cards and glue on to brown packing paper.

Collage: Cut out pictures and words, glue them on some construction paper or a cardboard to make a collage. Add glitter and other items to make it fun.

Make New Cards: This is true recycling! Take a piece of construction paper (any color) and fold in half. Cut out your favorite pictures, words and/or sayings, and paste them onto the construction paper. Cut a sheet of plain white paper to fit into the card, punch a couple of holes into the crease of the card and put a ribbon through it, then tie into a bow.

Gift Tags: Cut the pictures in the shape of squares and circles; for fancier tags, cut scalloped edges. Punch a hole at the top of the tag and tie a ribbon through it. With a marker print the words "TO:" and "From:" on the back of each tag. For larger gifts, use the front of the card.

Donate: Inquire about giving your old cards to local schools, daycare centers, churches or community centers. They may be able to put them to good use.

Whatever you decide to do with your cards this year, have fun. You might even come-up with your own unique ideas for old Christmas and Holiday cards!

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