Outdoor wall art is really an easy way to add personality to your space. Usually when you're doing interior design it's easy to paint. However, this isn't true outside. Plus, you might like the exterior color of your home but you just want to jazz it up.

One thing that you can consider is to bring in metal paintings. This is really going to give you more of the indoors look right outside. It can even have beautiful beach scenes on it if you don't have much of a view. This can be hand painted so you need to read the care instructions very carefully to ensure that you keep it safe from weather elements. You could just place a few of these on your exterior walls for a gallery kind of effect that will match dark wood balcony furniture or sunroom furniture.

More expensive outdoor paintings are going to use copper. This can be an abstract kind of design style. They can feature a lot of beautiful and flowing colors. When you choose a color for outdoor wall art you really do want to pick up on the elements that are already in your space. Even something like the sky can really inspire a turquoise colored painting. This is the perfect way to just liven up a cement patio with a basic white outdoor sectional. Really bringing in this style of artwork is going to make your design seem very intentional.

You may consider going with plants on your walls. You can accomplish this by using sconces as planter boxes. You could also even go for window boxes. This can be made out of wood or you can paint them. This is going to give a lot more importance to the flowers or ivy that you choose to use.

You're also going to really want to consider going with a Tuscany inspired theme. In outdoor spaces you have a lot of stone as well as stucco. These are very staple elements in a Tuscan kind of design style. You can even match this with your furniture by going with more of an iron kind of style. In this case, you can just go with metal scroll work to use as your artwork. This can be quite inexpensive. It's also becoming a staple in interior design so it really isn't that difficult to find. Make sure that you match the metal tone with the rest of the furniture in your space.

You can also go for outdoor wall art that is more permanent. In this case, you could just try a tile mosaic. This could be part of a water feature. You can just use a lot of brightly colored cobalt blues, yellows, and oranges altogether. Solid colors of ceramic tile are extremely inexpensive. You could also match this in with a lot of beautiful pottery planters and a mosaic tile tabletop.

This can also be quite whimsical and fun. Artwork can make you smile. This gives go for more of a 3-D design. This could be in the shape of your favorite animal such as a fish. You could even put a few of these on your fence to really give it more personality.