Small rooms present a number of design challenges. You will have to use a lot of creativity but you can still have a defined style and theme in your space. Paint is an easy way to transform your room. However, you want to make sure that you also compliment the square footage of your space. Here are a few tips for painting small rooms.

Use a tone on tone effect. You want to create very long lines in a small room. This can make your space seem both bigger and brighter. You can choose a molding or ceiling color that is very close to your wall color. However, your wall color should also be quite light. You can even paint your furniture a darker or lighter shade than your wall color. This will create a sense of flow and continuity in your room. A monochromatic color palette can still be interesting. You may be amazed how the paint really makes your room feel much bigger. If your space feels really claustrophobic try doing the exact opposite of whatever is on the walls at the moment. This will probably make your room feel a lot brighter and fresher.

Some interior designers say that lighter colors are better in a small space and some insist that you can still use your favorite daring color. This all depends on how you want your room to feel. Do you want your space to feel more open and airy? In this case you should go for a theme and color that is very bright such as white or taupe. Do you want your room to feel cozy? If you want your room to feel like a jewel box then go with gold accessories, and a burgundy or eggplant wall color. If you style it correctly you can make most rooms in your home feel bigger.

Make sure that your paint job is flawless. You want to carefully tape off all moldings and doorways. In small spaces little blemishes can really get noticed. You can make up for the small space just by going with quality materials and beautiful colors.

Paint isn't just for the walls. It's one of the most budget friendly ways to decorate. It can also help you to create the allusion of more space in your room. This is vital for a smaller room that you want to feel bigger. You can even paint the floors, ceilings, and walls a bright white for a very modern room that will feel light and airy. You can also paint wood furniture and cabinetry so that it blends in. If your room really flows and works together it will make the whole space seem a lot bigger and better designed.

Turn your small room into a niche. Modern homes have a lot of interesting angles. You could try the same effect in your home for more of an updated feel. You can turn the smallest room into an extension of the larger areas with paint. Try painting walls one or two shades darker or lighter than the larger room. This will add a lot of interest and draw people into the space.