Perhaps even more important than the family living room, dining rooms bring families together They are the place the entire household sits down for meals, where kids do homework, where friends sip a cup of tea or enjoy a nice slice of pie on a Sunday afternoon. Dining rooms are essential fixture to any house. Flow and comfort are essential. Here are a few ideas for putting together the perfect dining room.

Start With the Furniture
Furniture makes for a great starting point for deciding the mood and style of the dining room. Furniture sets the tone, holding together the boundaries that form the room. Select furniture that fits the style you want the dining room to feature. For a Southwestern approach, for sample, oaks and hardwoods work together quite well. If you opt for a modern style, colorful dining room chairs add the perfect touch of imagination. Ultimately, furniture must meld to the comfort level of the room.

In addition to the table and chairs, consider other furniture elements that can add to your dining room. A hutch makes a great place for family china, silver, or wine glass collections. A separate table can become quite handy during the holiday season when you need extra space for all the fixings.

Center With a Chandelier
Your choice for a chandelier is also an important complement to the room, and it should work well with the furniture. One should complement the other. Light control features are important to family dining. Some meals you want good lighting for clarity and conversation. Other occasions like a dinner for 2 might work better with the lights turned low.

Hang the chandelier in such a way that is provides the best possible lighting for the room. Its size should complement the design and measurements of the dining room table. A chandelier that's wider than the table will knock dinner guests in the head every time they stretch their legs. A good measure is to leave 12 inches from the edge of the chandelier to the edge of the table. Anything less will mean a headache that no amount of aspirin can cure.

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