Wholesale Real Estate ListingsCredit: http://tmgnorthwest.blogspot.com/2012/09/are-you-true-real-estate-investor.htmlCredit: http://tmgnorthwest.blogspot.com/2012/09/are-you-true-real-estate-investor.html

When investing in real estate, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, it is helpful to have tools available to help you find the properties to invest in and to keep on top of what is available in a given market.

Why invest in real estate?

There are many types of real estate investors.  There are folks that begin with a single property that they may have had as a family home and they decide that rather than sell it when they want/need to move, they rent it out.  After this, they determine that this is a way for added financial security and income and invest in other properties to have as rentals or to “flip” for a profit.

Real estate has traditionally been an investment that is secure and stable.  With current financial trends, the real estate market has had some volatility and this has caused some concern among prospective investors.  Rather than being scared away from real estate investing, many are taking the opportunity of a down market to increase their opportunities and to build and grow their investments.

What tools are available to real estate investors?

Many times, new real estate investors want to know what to look for and where to find the best properties in which to invest.  Having an unbiased clearinghouse of information is helpful, and extremely beneficial.  Using online resources to streamline the search for new properties is not only informational, but allows an investor to save time and money in the research process.

Is it an investor market?

Currently, as home prices are still fluctuating, many wonder if it is the best time to add more properties to their portfolio or to wait for a more stable market.  Currently, there is a shortage of rental properties on the market and the rental market is strong.  Some investors are focusing more on obtaining rentals rather than to flip houses.  This may be the best practice at present with the current economic uncertainty. 

When investing in rental properties, the investor may want to handle all the aspects of managing the rental themselves or may decide to hire a property management professional to help save time and money.  In making this decision, an investor can weigh the services provided against the amount of time that they have available. 

With the current market, many are coming into real estate investing as a viable investment strategy and to supplement their income.  Using available tools to save time and money either in finding properties, or by managing their rentals, real estate investors can reduce the frustration and help with the time that they must spend.