Your house probably has at least one small bathroom in it even if it's just a powder room or a guest room. These small spaces can still have the feeling of a luxurious spa. Plus, it won't take as much money to get high end finishes because you'll just be using a lot less material. Here are a few tips for small bathroom remodeling.

Spruce up your vanity. If you are working in a small space or guest bathroom you might not even need a vanity. This will free up a lot of floor space. The pedestal sink can add a traditional or vintage vibe to your room. It's also a very lasting and neutral design style that you can have for years and even decades to come. If you don't want to go with the pedestal sink you can just find ways to make your existing vanity look smaller and still keep all of the function. You can do this with a few coats of paint. Even removing any wood grain can make your bathroom feel a lot lighter.

Decorate with different finishes instead of bold colors. Since you are working in a small bathroom you can probably spend a little bit more money on tile. This may mean that a lot of natural stones such as marble are now within your budget capabilities. This will give your room the feel of a high end hotel suites or spas. Plus, stone patterns and textures will really make a statement in your room without being too fussy or overwhelming. In this case, you can go with neutral wall colors and then really compliment your existing tile shower.

Create a sense of flow. You might want to decorate with several different titles for interest. This will only break up your space. You should stick within the same color palette if you do decide to go with more of a varied look. You can mix tiles with the actual stones to save money and add durability to your space. Neutral colors probably won't get noticed as much and can still be part of a defined color palette. This can really keep the eye moving around the space but it can still be interesting. Plus, taupes and whites are very lasting colors so you won't have to remodel your bathroom for a while.

If you're really going for a huge bathroom remodel consider combining the tub and shower. There are lots of older homes that have separate shower stalls and bathtubs which take up unnecessary space. Combining the spaces will free up your floor plan. You'll want to consult with plumbers and an architect to you make sure that your plan is actually feasible.

Add in a lot of light. If you're dealing with a powder room your space might not even have a window. Light creates the illusion of space. It can be helpful just to change out your bulb for one that more fully simulates natural sunlight. You can also find different mirrors and vanities that include lighting or just install a few sconces.