Gift Baskets Galore

6 Great Gift Basket Ideas

A gift basket is a fun gift to give and receive for any occasion. The only thing better than one gift is getting multiple gifts all coming together to give an experience. That’s what gift baskets are all about, giving an experience. If you aren’t creating an experience with your gift basket, then it’s just a bunch of stuff thrown into a basket.

To create an experience, there should be a theme or mood for your gift basket. A themed gift basket can transform ordinary days into memorable events. Not only will your recipient be getting a gift but they will be getting an opportunity to make memories. 

Some people may shy away from gift baskets because they don’t know what to put in them. So, what do you put in a gift basket? The answer is: anything! The possibilities are endless. There are also many different ways to package your gift basket that isn’t actually a basket. Get creative and keep your eyes open for fun ways to present your gifts.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Movie Night In – assorted candies, popcorn seasonings, a DVD or Netflix subscription, specialty beer, or chocolate covered pretzels
    • Special packaging idea: a cute popcorn bowl


  • Monday Night Football – chips and dips, a nacho making kit (all toppings chopped and ready to pile on chips and pop in the oven—be sure to include baking instructions), assorted specialty beers/the recipient’s favorite beer, M&Ms/the recipient’s favorite candy, NFL merchandise
    • Special packing ideas: basket decorated with team colors or something manly like a small ice chest or metal pail


  • Date Night – bottle of wine/champagne, specialty chocolate, fresh flowers, gift certificate out to eat, movie tickets, bubble bath, candles, massage oil


  • French Picnic – cured meats, French bread, bottle of wine, two glasses, cheese, gourmet Dijon mustard, dessert (pastries, éclairs, or macaroons), dried lavender, picnic blanket, cutlery, gourmet olives
    • Special packing ideas: bike basket or farmer’s market basket, both can be lined with the picnic blanket


  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame – sunflower seeds, specialty root beer or beer, crackerjack making kit (for before the game), a baseball, baseball hat/t-shirt/jersey, tickets to a major or minor league baseball game, Big League Chew bubble gum, gourmet hot dog toppings
    • Special packing idea: small ice chest


  • Mom’s Afternoon Off – The most important thing is a “gift certificate” for you to watch the kids for a few hours. You could also include assorted tea or coffee, a good book, nice bubble bath, aromatherapy candles with relaxing scents such as lavender or sandalwood, a gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure, massage, or yoga class
    • Special packaging idea: a purse, tote bag, or cosmetics bag

Remember these are ideas for what you could include. You certainly don’t have to include everything in the list. Just a few items will work. Also, there is one thing you can add to pretty much any gift basket and that is homemade cookies or brownies. They’re a tried and true favorite!

It’s a good idea to write your gift basket’s theme in a card or tell them the meaning behind the gift basket so they aren’t confused. You could say something like, “I wanted to give you a special treat with your family, so I made you a “movie night in” gift basket filled with special treats. Enjoy!” This isn’t necessary for all gift baskets as some are self explanatory. Use your best judgment.