Unique homemade Valentines gifts are really an opportunity for you to change up your gift giving style from year to year. This is important because even though times are tough you can still really show people that you care about them and love them. Here are a few really unique Valentines gifts that you can get quite inexpensively.

You should really plan out your Valentines gifts beforehand. This is going to ensure that both you and your significant other are on the same page about gift giving so she isn't expecting diamonds and she just gets a mixed tape instead.

One thing that you might really want to consider doing is to create the look of a restaurant right in your own home. This is something that has been in numerous romantic comedies and TV shows. You can learn how to cook one of her favorite dishes. Decorate with Christmas twinkle lights or candlelight as long as you follow proper safety precautions. This is a way to use a lot of what you already have in the house but still get the feeling of a fancy high end restaurant. Plus, then you won't have to worry if you forgot to make a reservation because a lot of places are full on Valentine's Day.

Think about your hobbies and talents for a personalized gift. Write a poem or song. Even if you aren't a songwriter you could just learn how to play your wedding song on the guitar or piano. This is one of your least expensive options. It's definitely going to be the gift that she remembers from year to year and she'll have a great story to tell all of her friends. It could also be an arrangement of different pictures in the form of a slideshow set to your favorite song. These gifts take time and planning which is one of the reasons why they seem so special. You can also find simple meals that you could cook or at the very least just really clean up the house beforehand. Effort is going to win you a lot of points even when you don't have a lot of cash to spend.

Another option that you might want consider doing is going to be to just surprise her with what she really wants. This could be a series of handyman chores around the house that she's been asking you to get done. This can be the main part of the gift and then you can supplement it with more traditional roses or candy so it's still quite romantic.

You can also start a tradition on Valentines. This doesn't have to cost a lot of money and could be anything from going on a stroll or just having a picnic. This is a way that you can really cut down on costs because you aren't going to have to worry about going out to a fancy dinner or giving expensive gifts even though these other traditions can also be implemented later on. This also gives your Valentine's day a unique touch.