When you go shopping for office furniture a regular furniture store or office supply store is rarely going to be your best bet. Instead, you really want to find ways that you can get used office furniture to help you save money. A lot of these pieces use quality metals and woods that are going to be different than the basic laminate furniture that is so common right now. This can help you save money whether you are furnishing a home office or an entire work office.

One area where you can really save a lot of money is by going to an office furniture liquidator. This is an opportunity for you to get a lot of pieces that other people might have already cleared out of their offices or were salvaged from companies that have gone out of business. In this case you're going to be limited to the number of desks that you can buy because they are really only going to have what is in stock. However, if you go with staple office items like black chairs then you can probably mix and match a lot of these pieces as long as they are in good condition. Really, whenever you shop for used office furniture you need to take comfort into account, especially when you're looking at chairs because often times the foam in these pieces can really break down over time. It just might not be worth it. Instead, you could save a lot of money on your desks and buy new chairs.

Other stores that you might really want to check out are going to be hotel liquidators. Oftentimes hotel suites have a small workstation. You may be able to repurpose some of this furniture for your office and it can really save you a ton of money over buying new.

You may really want to shop locally for your used office furniture. This is important because then you're going to be able to save on your shipping costs. However, you will really need to consider the cost of renting a truck or borrowing a truck from a friend. Delivery is really important if you want to maintain a professional appearance or if you would just not rather not have to haul a lot of used office furniture up your stairs.

If you're just using this for a home office then you're going to have the time and ability to really fix up used office furniture and turn it into something quite special. In this case, you don't really need to go to an office liquidator. Instead, you can shop around at thrift stores until you find an antique piece. Even if it's not in the best shape you can still get a fresh paint job. This could even be a chance for you to incorporate one of the seasons hottest decorating colors such as turquoise. Whenever you shop for used office furniture you really need to take the actual size of the piece into account. This is especially important when you're calculating for a work office because you need to make sure that each station has enough space. You need to plan for space for rolling chairs so that you can get a comfortable work environment.